Monday, November 16, 2009

Parallel System Design

This colour of this design is monochromatic and as since white isn't a true colour is also considered achromatic. We were to design with some groupings and negative space between groupings. This design is usually vertical and not to have radiating lines however we did some basing with slight radial stem placement. It kind of has the start of a Christmas feeling with the candles. It's probably better displayed on a buffet table versus a centrepiece. When Myron saw it, he said it looked like a sympathy arrangement and why not? Customer's choice.



=) Lisa.

Chris & Dar's Wedding

While I was at the CF Volleyball Regionals (see last post), I received a phonecall from Darlene that her wedding to Chris was finally happening - that weekend and would Myron & I come? Well I was honoured to be included in their celebration! Here is the page I scrapbooked about their special day. =) Lisa

CF Volleyball Regionals 2005

The girls and I in Edmonton for the CF Volleyball Regionals. This was a fun time because not only was I doing something I love to do with the girls but my Uncle came out and watched us play. =) Lisa

Formal Horizontal Arrangement

Well, I decided to go a little asymmetrical so it didn't turn out so formal. I actually had a difficult time designing this arrangement but I think in the end it all came together.


Close shot

One side

The other side.

Hope you liked it. =) Lisa