Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tough day

Well I guess not every day can go smoothly.  My day started off well but ended not so well.  Nothing disastrous or anything but maybe disappointing.  First off my head starting aching with what I now would say is a HUGE headache.  Then I was given a chance to make an arrangement.  I could have chosen to make a vase arrangement or one in a basket with oasis.  I thought, oasis, I used it in class, should be easier than just a vase.  (Mistake #1)  Then I cut myself.  (Me & knives - what was I thinking when I wanted to go into this business?) Then I didn't do so well on making the arrangement.  One side was a little heavy and I ended up bruising one of the lilies as I was adding flowers and the basket wasn't greened enough.  (Mistakes 2 & 3.  I really seem to have a tough time with greening.)  So anyways, that was the disappointing part.  Then I answered the phone as my boss asked me and then I struggled with helping the customer (as I wasn't sure of all to ask etc.).  So finally my boss told me to take the person's name & phone number and so she could call them back (and once she called the customer back - it all worked out.)  Fortunately my boss didn't seemed too fazed (really generous with me).  She told me that she would try to save the arrangement.  Said that it was a good time to practice when it was slow but next time with old flowers.  And she said don't worry about taking orders now - to just take contact info and she or the other designer will call the customers back.  Whew!  Very understanding boss.  So I guess in the end, it didn't end too badly.  Now if I only could get rid of this headache!!  =) Lisa

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My first few attempts

Well, I've been a busy bee at my new job and I got to make a couple of small arrangements in the last couple days.  Nothing too big and very simple.  I was excited and happy to do it. 
The reason why I find it so exciting even though it's just a simple arrangement is that in class we are given our flowers and our vases and given a demo of an arrangement and then we get to re-create the arrangement the instructor made with a little of our own interpretation.  In the shop, I get to pick the flowers and the vase and then decide what to do.  So it's a lot more freedom - more room to be creative - more room to screw up - yet exciting and happy when it works out. (Somewhat  =)
Being a newbie, I don't think I did too bad. I did take a couple pictures but I only had my camera phone, so they came out a little grainy.  As I didn't want to lift the hand-tie out of the container, the angle didn't do the picture any justice but you can get an idea of colour.
In doing the hand-tie, I learned that the was string to bind the hand tie easily cuts soft stems like Gerbera stems, so that I ended up breaking two stems off.

 With the two broken stems, I made a small arrangement with them so hopefully I'll make up the loss of the broken flowers with selling the smaller arrangement.

Then today, I made a hand-tie with just tulips.  Simple but I was pleased as I was able to bind the tulips using wax paper tape and I succeeded in binding the tulips without breaking any stems!  Yeah!

The last picture is not of flowers but the last scrapbook page I completed.  It was Colt's (where Myron worked) Family BBQ. The kids had a lot of fun that day.  We did too.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of this beautiful weekend.  =) Lisa

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Store

Well, the store, Gypsy Rose Florist decided that they needed to update the window display this week so I only got to help a little. (Well not really, I got to tape a cord out of the way and then take several 'looks' and tell the designer if I liked it - really! I'm such a beginner! Not sure if my opinion really mattered!) This is a picture of the flowers in the front window display as you come into the store.

A picture through the front window. Sorry about the window glare, but you can get a bit of an idea.
Another angle of looking at the display through the widow.

The display behind the window display. Pretty, huh? I'd love to get my hands on creating the display! Maybe the fall display!
Here's to creativity! =) Lisa

Manitoba Trip Aug 05

Still working on my project of catching up with the times! This page is when Myron & I made a surprise visit to his family. It was great surprising them and having a chance to get to know them and them to know me! =)

Other news is that I got a JOB!! In a floral shop! I can not believe my luck and that they are taking a chance on me. Coming up, I will be helping them change their front store window and making Easter baskets with dried flowers (at keast that was what I was told so I hope it works out well)! I will try to take some pictures so that I can post!

Anyways, I'm off to work now! Have a great day! =)Lisa

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cancer Awareness

In today's world everyone is aware of Cancer. I know I was but never so much as until recently when my Dad lost his valiant struggle with lung cancer. Then I came across my next pictures I had planned to scrap which were of my Aunt when she shaved her head for cancer a few years ago. I know I participated in these events but they have so much more meaning when you've been 'touched' by cancer.

Cancer is a terrible disease. It's terrible for the ones who have the disease and for those family members who watch their loved ones struggle with the disease.

Let's find a cure. =) Lisa