Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 5 Tag

For this tag, I didn't have the alcohol inks or any clear plastic so I decided to stain the tag red and use embossing powders to imitate Tim's design.  I also cheated using a dollar store tree decoration for the wreath.  This tag was really quick and simple to do.

This is the last tag I was able to do before family arrived for Christmas and New Years.  Both my family and my hubby's family will be joining us this holiday season. So I will be busy and having lots of fun with family.  I do plan on finishing the tags in the new year - just because.

Merry Christmas!  =) Lisa

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 4 Tag

For this tag, I downloaded the image of the snowman (winter wonder) and fussy cut it out.  To replicate the on the edge snow flurries, I used a snow flake image and traced it out using different heights of the snow flake to imitate the original die onto vellum.   My Cricut died so I was unable to die cut the number '25' into the snowman, so what I did was stamp the number onto the snowman and fussy cut the number out of the snowman.


=) Lisa

Day 3 Tag

For this tag, I didn't have any alcohol inks or felt pads to make my own customized stamp pad.  But I did have various Christmas stamps and a few different distress ink colours, so I tied to capture the essence of the card.  I also didn't have pearl mists but I did have a tattered angle mist and used that instead.  Fairly simple card.

=) Lisa

Day 2 Tag

This is actually the first tag I made.  I didn't have any resist paper but I did have the music stamp and embossing powder and a few distress inks that I was able to mimic the base of Tim's tag.  I downloaded the deer image and fussy cut it out.  I dug into my sewing scraps and had some leftover cloth from a canvas drape that I could use for the deer et voi.

=) Lisa

Day 1 Tag

 I wanted to follow Tim Holtz' 12 Tags of Christmas this year and finally got through reading about each tag around the 15th before I had a chance to try to make any.  This is actually the second tag as I hadn't clicked back far enough.  I don't have the Sizzix die cutting system so I had to improvise.  I downloaded the vintage noel image and fussy cut it out.  I made the unfortunate mistake of leaving the cut out on a piece of paper while the sprinkles dried.  The whole thing stuck to the paper and suffered some damage.  Though once I glued it to the tag, the damage was hidden.  I also cheated with the leaves.  I happened to go into the dollar store and found a few $1 Christmas decorations that I could improvise with and that's what I did for the leaves.  I also 'faked' the banner.

=) Lisa

Friday, December 23, 2011

A LO and some 12 Tags of Christmas -Tim Holtz tags.


Well, I hope everyone is ready for Christmas and has a chance to enjoy & recharge over the holidays.  I have a LO from Jan 07 that I want to share and a pic of the tags I managed to complete this very hectic season.  I will also post the tags individually as I'd like to participate in Tim Holtz's '12 Tags of Christmas' even though I only completed 5 tags.  Family is here now and I probably won't have a chance to complete the rest before the deadline.

I have decided to try and finish them in the new year, 'just because'.

So here's a peek at them & the LO:

The next picture is a quick snap of my outdoor container that I tried to make Christmassy:

Merry Christmas!  Enjoy!  Lisa =)

Monday, November 21, 2011

December 2006 LOs

Just posting some LOs.  The first is from Tamara's Youth Singers Show.  She was in the kidzxpress division that year.  Her first big show.  During the show you could see the excitement and the nervousness.

Then I made two pages of Christmas Day, because I started a Christmas only album.  So one page will go in the Christmas album and the other will go in the regular everyday album.

You will see that I have painted the edges of the pictures of one page (while they were attached to the page).  However, the effect didn't turn out the way I wanted, so I 'fixed' it with adding some paper to matte and embellish the pictures.  I think it turned out better than be before.

And then the next layout was during the Christmas holidays when my future (now present) in-laws came to visit.

Lately I've been checking out Tim Holz and the way he does projects that are 'shabby chic'.  Kinda like the edgy look of that and I want to try it out.  He seems to create a lot with cut outs from Sizzix.  But I already have a Cricut and I find buying cartridges so expensive.  I want to find a way to imitate the look without it being so expensive and have a couple of ideas that may work.  So hopefully I can try that experiment successfully and can post some future LOs on here with that style.

In the meantime, trying to catch up on making LOs and keeping up with my busy family and the coming Christmas season.  =) Lisa

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Lizzy & December Daily SC Kit Giveaway

Well I usually just blog to a few family members & friends, family pictures and a few of my own scrapbook layouts but today's post is to help me enter a draw for a giveaway on the Dear Lizzy blog - which I follow every day!  I love her blog and her inspiration.  And I follow her hubby Collin (Cleetus McDuffy) on FB.  Which is hilarious.  They make my day, everyday.

So here's the link to her blog  and another chance for me to win.

Wish me luck!!  =) Lisa

Monday, October 24, 2011

Prepping for Halloween

Well, one day last week it was actually 18C and I thought it was the perfect time to decorate the house for Halloween.  Not too crazy.

Do you see my fake 'crow' on the post.  Well, I bought this little gem at Walmart 3 years ago and have displayed it with no issues.  Apparently this year this bird is causing some little critters around my house to be upset with it as this bird has been attacked the last couple of days and has lost one of it's wings and some feathers.  I guess it looked too real!!

I'm also posting a few LOs.  The first is one I've been struggling with and keep adding to it.  I'm thinking (hoping) that it's finally complete.

Hope you are enjoying these beautiful warm fall days we've been having.  Cheers!  =) Lisa

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Outdoor Winter Container Class

About a month ago, my hubby & I went looking for a large container that we could put an evergreen tree in to help cover an ugly corner in our backyard and we ended up at a greenhouse in Black Diamond called Vale's Greenhouse.

We didn't end up buying a container from them but I did sign up for an Outdoor Winter Container Class for $5.  And I was told that if I became friends with them on FB that I could print a certificate out & get the course for free.  Of course, plants & dirt would need to be purchased.

The containers we did end up buying that I wanted to fill for winter were too large for me to transport back & forth, so I just bought the plants after I figured which ones I liked together and finished them at home.

Here's some pics:

Not bad for not actually having the containers to work with.  With luck, these plants will last till Feb/Mar.  Here's hoping!  =) Lisa

Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day 2011

My tradition is to take 'first day of school' picks of my kids wearing their new school clothes.  David's been out of school for a bit now so that left Tamara.  The last couple of years she has been reluctant to have this picture done.  I thought that I might have to give up the tradition as she didn't want to do it any more.  However, this year my daughter not only teased me about my 'corny' tradition she co-operated greatly to have the pictures taken, not only once but twice since I accidentally deleted them!!  Even re-enacting walking to the bus stop.  What a great sport she was!!  I even figured out a neat colour accent mode on my camera.  Check it out!

Happy first day of school!  =) Lisa

Monday, August 29, 2011

So cool!

I know I haven't blogged all summer - just been busy doing summer things and saving up the one or two projects that I did complete, for one big post.  But something really cool happened to me today and I had to post!!  One of my LO's was picked to be lifted by one of my favourite scrapbook kit company, Scrapbook Circle from their facebook page and posted in their blog.  See here.  So exciting and cool!  Thank you Scrapbook Circle for picking me today!

For any of my friends that scrapbook, you know I have talked about this company before and they have great kits. They also have a great idea gallery. Check them out!

Happy, happy!  =)Lisa

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Dad

I can still hear him talking in my ear - telling stories and jokes.  I remember the flipping of spoons.  Wrestling on the floor.  Playing catch and having that baseball fired into my glove to make it burn.  Riding in the backhoe.  Making a mini ice rink.  Rescuing me a few times after running out of gas.  Threatening to 'chain me up & lock me in the shed' so no boys could come for me.  Calling my boyfriends he didn't like, 'Bozos'.  Giving me advise on how to do a home repair. Going for coffee.  Teasing me.  Teasing his grandkids.  Teasing anybody he could.  Cuddling his grandkids.  Spoiling the grandkids.  I like to think that I get my sense of humour from him....  I still look up to him.

I am Daddy's little girl.  Always was.  Always will be.  Happy Father's Day.  Love you Dad!  =) Lisa

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mouth Hardware

In other words - braces.  My daughter got hers removed the other day!  Yeah!  After 2 1/2 years - wasn't too bad.

I also needed to update my wall collage as I didn't have a framed group shot of my brother's family which was missing from my wall.  (I have another collage of photos from Christmas cards & such but I wanted something framed).

I have sent a request out to my brother to get one.  In the meantime, I modified one of the frames I had and managed to 'borrow' a couple of pics from a DVD of pics my brother gave me.

So this will work for now until I get a better one from my brother.  (Hint, hint)  =) Lisa

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New School New Beginnings

Started this layout before going on vacation in April and have finally finished it last week.  Mostly due to being busy in other areas of my life.  A lot of changes were happening that year.  I retired from the military.  David moved to Tim's.  Myron and I were in the process of buying a house that was being built. And that meant that Tamara was changing schools. (As I write this, I just came up with another layout idea).

I tried to make it an easy transition as possible for Tamara.  We came and visited the school and had a tour before she moved.  Walked around the neighbourhood.  But that never is enough when you are facing an unknown the first time.

As I look back, we were asking a lot of Tamara and she took it in stride.  =) Lisa

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oops, I did it again!

Back in April I found a LO that I forgot to post.  Well..........  apparently I forgot to post this one too.  Made around the same time.  Enjoy!

=) Lisa

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainy Day Post

It's raining, raining, raining.  All week long according to the forecasts.  So time for a post to catch up on some of my pictures.

First off - David's 20th Birthday!:

Then from Mexico where we joined our friends Wayne & Jen and Warren & Jen.  Fabulous times!  I'd love to post them all but there are a lot!  So here's a few:

Then after we came back from Mexico, we celebrated Tamara's 16th Birthday!:

Having fun reminiscing on this dreary day!  =) Lisa