Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Album Cover

The other day, I posted some pictures of the last paperbag mini album but hadn't decided yet how to decorate the cover.  Well, I have finished it, plus added a few embellishments to the inside and back cover too:


Just one picture of the inside embellishments.


I really like how the cover turned out.  =)  Lisa

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 22 - 29th, 2012


This week:

* golfed with friends Patti & John
* had Jason - director of the Indy film, 'Gettin In' (some of it that was filmed in our house) plus a few other people to view the finished movie - with the music & sound effects added to the movie, it's really coming along.

* a big birthday today to Myron's friend & boss Dave Goddard - a big FIVE OH.
* went to Westpower to celebrate Dave's birthday, then went out for supper
* finished mini paperbag album

* normal Tuesday chores
* worked on blog and got a new template for it
* worked in garden

* went for a run!
* worked on PL a bit

* grocery day - also went to the farmer's market
* and then went shopping at the mall and bought these:


My old luggage was bought in 1998.  A 3 pc from Walmart.  The large suitcase I haven't been using for over a year now as I can not open the broken zipper anymore and have been using Myron's very large, heavy clunky one.  So I finally threw it out my old broken suitcase about a month ago. The medium size one still works somewhat - the handle is broken and I still can open it most times.   But with my pending travels coming up I thought a new large (yet lighter) suitcase was in order.  So I bought the new luggage at Bently's who had a buy one get the second half off sale so of course I ended up getting two.  =)

* went for a run.
* was going to work in the garden but then it started to rain.
* then the sun came out and it got really hot - too hot to work in the garden (tried though).
* then it was raining again, so decided new nail polish on my toes was needed.
* got the nail polish removed and then the sun came out and it got hot again.
* decided to sit outside and 'play' on my computer until it was time to make supper.
* earlier when it was raining, thought I'd take some pictures of ordinary life.  I decided to pick on Tamara's room as she is 17 and on the cusp of being an adult and wanted to catch her personality of her room at this age.  Though really her room hasn't changed much in the way she keeps it over the years.  It'll be interesting to see if it changes once she's living on her own:

Despite the untidiness, her room is really full of character and I love the idea of capturing this moment.

*then after picking on Tamara's room and because the rest of the house is tidy, I thought I'd capture my scrapbook desk:

after looking the pictures, I decided Tamara must come by her untidiness naturally.

* talked to the dentist office as Tamara's is supposed to have her wisdom teeth out on the 2nd and due to flying on the 7th, I was told by a friend to watch out for dry socket.  So I called the dentist office to ask.

Though the true problem turned out to be that the sockets will be packed and treated with something to help the healing and they need to be removed after 7 days and they can not stay in longer.

I was not told this when we went in.  I had told them that we were going on a trip and if they had told me that we actually needed to come back after 7 days, I would have made sure out trip was booked after that.  Sigh.

There was no way we could fit both appts in before going to Ontario because the office is closed each Friday, Saturday & Sunday and this coming weekend on the Monday due to the holiday and we fly Tuesday morning at 10am and their office doesn't open till 11am.

They suggested rescheduling but Tamara was mad and didn't want to because she wanted to get it over & done with.  I booked the appts anyways yet she says she won't go.  We'll see.

* cultivated a little veggies from the garden.  Guess what we're having for supper?

* after supper we decided to have a fire.  Myron got it going so big, he was excited about it and took this picture.  Great fire, though see the nice flower box on top?  Should have moved it as the smoke & heat killed my flowers.  =(

* Beautiful day and we went golfing with John & Patti.  Myron took this picture of me.  Didn't know he did that until he emailed his family about the beautiful weather and what we were doing.
* Stayed for supper at the club, ate with John & Patti - steak & lobster special

* on the way home, we headed to Wild Rose Brewery for one more refreshment on the patio

* decided to include Sunday into this post and run my weekly posts from Monday to Sunday as breaking up the weekend into two posts did not seem cohesive.
* another beautiful hot day
* Myron & I went golfing with Dave Mac & Walt, then came home and grilled supper on the BBQ

All in all, a good week.  =) Lisa

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Paperbag Mini Album & PL pages for Jan 2009


Being that it is summer time, I have been slow with my project life pages.  I had managed to finish the pictures of my honeymoon from Jan 2009 back a few weeks ago and then got busy with summer stuff and when I found a few moments, got busy making another paperbag album.  I need to get busy creating more PL pages but I need to organize the rest of the pictures & put into chronological order first, then I can work on it.

Here's the PL pages from Jan 2009.

And now my mini album.  I have not decided yet how to embellish or title my album, but here it is for now.  It has many tags to pull out that you can add either pictures or journaling to.

Mini Paperbag Album

The last two pics are just close-ups of my sweet pepper plant.  The peppers are perhaps 1.5 inches long.  TINY!

Some more peppers, ready to ripen.

Enjoy!  =) Lisa

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 15 - 21, 2012

This week:

* Happy 64th Birthday to my Mom!  Sent her flowers & a card and talked to her on the phone.
* Happy 1st Birthday to my nephew, Levi!  Sent his parents a note wishing him happy birthday.
* went golfing but it started to pour and decided to give up after 9 holes.  See the puddles:

* drove Myron into work as we forgot he needed to get his car by 2pm Saturday and we were relaxing, reading outside and it was too late before we remembered.
* have another work/volunteer night of Bingo.  Ugh!  After tonight will have 1 more to go in September and I hope that is the last one I ever have to do.

* got up to see Tamara off for school, then headed back to bed for a few more winks - little sleep the last two night caught up to me
* just puttered around the house cleaning, weeding, cleaning up the back yard - beautiful evening
* Tamara got her mid-term mark for Bio 20 - 86%

* another putter around the house day
* read & crafted a bit - outside
* plus 30C
* went for a small leisurely stroll with Myron

* Happy Anniversary!!  4 years already!
* Saw this car as I was shopping for a present for Myron.  Thought it was cool.

* Went to the River Cafe for supper in celebration of our anniversary:

* Myron likes to tease me and before we went out to dinner, he came up to the bathroom and said to me that 'he thought that we agreed that there wouldn't be any gift exchanges until the 5th anniversary.'  I replied to that jokingly as I knew he saw the gift bag I left for him, 'that I didn't sign any contract stating that.'  I should have known.  When I went downstairs I saw this:

We didn't open the gifts until after supper & I hadn't a clue as to what was in the box.  And this is what he got me.

I could not believe it!  I was totally surprised.  I briefly mentioned a month or so ago, as I was practicing songs for Second Chants that I'd like a kid sized keyboard for Christmas.

Feeling it was a bit extravagant and a little concerned as I felt like I cheaped out because I couldn't find the gift I wanted to get Myron.  I ended up picking up a few food items I knew he'd like plus a gift card.  He assured me that my present wasn't extravagant & that he loved his gift - that it was everything he loved.  What a sweetie.

Myron also laughed at the card I chose for him because it was one he was thinking of buying for me!  I had to take a picture of him posing the traditional pose - sticking his tongue out!

* Took some pictures of the garden and backyard:

Garden 2012

*then after supper we went to a pub called the Blind Beggar to watch a couple of the young guys from Second Chants who formed a band called Lumine (Lu-min-eh).

* picked up gag gift items for Myron's boss who's turning 50
* road our bikes to the pub to watch UFC 149.  Kinda disappointed in the fights.

It was a fairly busy week!  Lisa  =)

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 8 - 14, 2012

Stampede week & Heat wave!

* temp went up to 30C (hot for Calgary)
* went for a walk
* tried to rotisserie a chicken on the BBQ before planned drinks over at a friend's house
* ate a quick salad, went for drinks at a friend's, then ate chicken at 10:30pm

* temp expected to soar to 30C possibly 32C - right now it's 24C at 10am

* tiny bit of housecleaning, then ended up relaxing before working/volunteering at the bingo
* late night at the bingo!

* got up to say good-bye to Tamara as she headed off to summer school, then headed back to bed for a few more ZZZZs.
* finished off the housework - nothing too exciting today.
* temp up to 30C

* went for a run!
* still struggling with blood sugars.  Can I ever eat normally again especially without worry?
* temps again up to 30C
* took my crafting outside and had to make sure I weighed things down so it wouldn't blow away

* Tamara & I headed to the stampede grounds after her class today
* temps up to 27C but on the grounds, feels like 30C

* getting up early...... for a Stampede party. The Buckn Breakfast.  I played it smart but it still was a long day.
* temps to 25C but with humidity feels like 30C

* relaxing, hanging out.
* temps are a little cooler - about 23C.  Feels better.
* went for a walk, stopped for a pop on a patio.

Sigh, the heat & the Stampede are almost done.  =) Lisa

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 1 - 7, 2012

Still on vacation this week!

* Happy Canada Day!
* Went on a mild white water raft ride with Myron, Tamara, Jon, Andrea, Warren, Zach, Parker, and Wayne
* Wayne fell in at the white water obstacle course, got rescued. Myron decided to swim and near the end Myron pushed Zach in & jumped in himself - then got picked up by another boat as ours was too far & he was too cold (4C)
* went into Canmore for Canada Day celebrations with family.

* cooked a couple of roasts for everyone & visited - drank some strawberry daiquiris.

* friends headed home
* we went up to Lake Minnewanka walked on trail to 1.5km to Stewart Canyon & back

* went into Banff for lunch plus had a COW's ice cream cone - wanted to walk around but kids were done
* ordered sushi in

* home again
* parents-in-law are off to Castlegar and will stop in on their way through to MB in a couple days

* first day of summer school for Tamara - Bio 20

* in-laws arrived again & out to supper we go

* first day of the Calgary Stampede.  100 years this year!  Walked down to the parade.

* Myron brought home a bunch of Hutterite chickens he bought.  5 chickens, each about 9 - 10 lbs for about $100.  Good deal and good chickens.  Plan on cooking one on the BBQ Sunday!

* first day of a heat wave - temps up to 29C
* went golfing (in this heat) at our club - it was the mixed Chapman's tourney and dinner after.  Good fun - slow day of golfing though but ended with a great meal.

=) Lisa

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just for fun.

I did this just for fun:

Briar Icefrost

She protects the vulnerable and brings justice to the wronged.
She lives in leafy dells and bluebell glades.
She is only seen during the first snow of winter.
She wears bluebell-blue dresses and has icy blue butterfly wings.

=)  Lisa

Monday, July 2, 2012

June 24 - 30, 2012

This week:

* My parents-in-law arrived to spend a week with us on vacation in Harvie Heights (near Canmore, AB)

* visited with my Marge & Art and started to prepare for our out of town trip

* drove out to Harvie Heights

* went golfing at Canmore Golf & Curling Club - could only play 13 holes as the other five were under water from all the rain
* went to a dinner show called, 'OH CANADA, EH?

* went on a small hike near Harvie Heights with T & M and my parents-in-law
* my brother-in-law & sister-in-law arrived frm Wpg with their two little ones

*went to Banff Hot Springs with the family.

* saw a cute rainbow coloured jacket - am eyeing it! Didn't have time to get it.
* friends - Wayne & Jen with their dog Bailey and Warren & Jen with their 3 boys arrived
* went for dinner at the Grizzly Paw in Canmore with family & friends

* hiked up Sulpher Mountain with Warren & Jen's oldest Zach, Tamara, Myron and brother-in-law Jon.  Made the trip in 1 hr,26 min.

* lunch on top of Sulpher Mtn - everyone who didn't hike, met us up there.

* then we walked up to the historic cosmic ray station

* Took the gondola down
* made a bbq supper for all & enjoyed (sarcastic moment) a smoky fire pit =D

Just a few more days of our vacation left!  And it's Canada Day tomorrow!

=)  Lisa