Monday, July 23, 2012

July 15 - 21, 2012

This week:

* Happy 64th Birthday to my Mom!  Sent her flowers & a card and talked to her on the phone.
* Happy 1st Birthday to my nephew, Levi!  Sent his parents a note wishing him happy birthday.
* went golfing but it started to pour and decided to give up after 9 holes.  See the puddles:

* drove Myron into work as we forgot he needed to get his car by 2pm Saturday and we were relaxing, reading outside and it was too late before we remembered.
* have another work/volunteer night of Bingo.  Ugh!  After tonight will have 1 more to go in September and I hope that is the last one I ever have to do.

* got up to see Tamara off for school, then headed back to bed for a few more winks - little sleep the last two night caught up to me
* just puttered around the house cleaning, weeding, cleaning up the back yard - beautiful evening
* Tamara got her mid-term mark for Bio 20 - 86%

* another putter around the house day
* read & crafted a bit - outside
* plus 30C
* went for a small leisurely stroll with Myron

* Happy Anniversary!!  4 years already!
* Saw this car as I was shopping for a present for Myron.  Thought it was cool.

* Went to the River Cafe for supper in celebration of our anniversary:

* Myron likes to tease me and before we went out to dinner, he came up to the bathroom and said to me that 'he thought that we agreed that there wouldn't be any gift exchanges until the 5th anniversary.'  I replied to that jokingly as I knew he saw the gift bag I left for him, 'that I didn't sign any contract stating that.'  I should have known.  When I went downstairs I saw this:

We didn't open the gifts until after supper & I hadn't a clue as to what was in the box.  And this is what he got me.

I could not believe it!  I was totally surprised.  I briefly mentioned a month or so ago, as I was practicing songs for Second Chants that I'd like a kid sized keyboard for Christmas.

Feeling it was a bit extravagant and a little concerned as I felt like I cheaped out because I couldn't find the gift I wanted to get Myron.  I ended up picking up a few food items I knew he'd like plus a gift card.  He assured me that my present wasn't extravagant & that he loved his gift - that it was everything he loved.  What a sweetie.

Myron also laughed at the card I chose for him because it was one he was thinking of buying for me!  I had to take a picture of him posing the traditional pose - sticking his tongue out!

* Took some pictures of the garden and backyard:

Garden 2012

*then after supper we went to a pub called the Blind Beggar to watch a couple of the young guys from Second Chants who formed a band called Lumine (Lu-min-eh).

* picked up gag gift items for Myron's boss who's turning 50
* road our bikes to the pub to watch UFC 149.  Kinda disappointed in the fights.

It was a fairly busy week!  Lisa  =)

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