Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This is my 100th post!


And I have been busy over the last week or so.  I saw this blog post from - papercanvas from a blog hop run by Technique Tuesday.  And she had created a bookmark.  I really liked it so decided to 'lift' it and I made five of them.

Over the last few weeks I've been organizing my scrapping supplies and realized I have a lot of paper.  (I tend to hoard it, even the scraps.)  I wanted to use my paper and was unsure how since I've been doing project life - I don't end up using a lot of paper.  As I was trying to figure what to do with the paper, I spent a Saturday afternoon crafting with my good friend Dar who showed me how to make mini paperbag albums.  I said to myself, 'Bingo! I now know how I want to use my paper!'.

She told me that she just googled it in YouTube and that there were a bunch of videos on it.  Most of the videos I watched were put up by Kathy Orta whose blog & videos are on Paper Phenomenon.  This what I came up with:

Adventure Mini Album

Then I made this album from another video:

Cardstock Mini Album

I'm thinking of giving these away as gifts to friends.....  shhhhhhh......

=) Lisa

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 17 - 23, 2012

* Happy Father's Day
* finally, not really queazy!
* went golfing
* talked to my Mom
* made chocolate zucchini muffins

* not queazy, yay!  Still suffer from headaches.
* really went to town working on my paperbag mini album.

* usual housework
* out for coffee with my friend Deb!

* went for a run
* dentist trip - teeth cleaning

* booked trip out to Ontario for August
* went for a long walk with my hubby

* went for a run
* worked on my paperbag mini album

* made fruity quinoa pudding
* went for a super long walk in the rain with my hubby - actually warm and quite nice - no wind
* David came over for supper
* found out my in-laws are arriving two days sooner than I expected - haven't even really thought too much about next week yet - so not ready - will have to wing it!!

=) Lisa

Friday, June 15, 2012

June 10 - 16, 2012

This week....

* was supposed to golf but wimped out because of the wind
* mentally trying to adjust (still) to being prediabetic and moderating my carbs

* went for a run - beautiful weather, am planning on running tomorrow
* suddenly ill in the evening, nauseous all night, didn't get much sleep - thinking if this is the side effect of the meds, how can I take more??  But I must.

* 45 today - my day did not start like I planned - no run, tried to keep my spirits up.  Myron's bday today too and he is a big 4 - 0.  Tried to make it a special day for him.
* fantastic dinner at the Rouge restaurant despite feeling queazy
* my bd present is the KOBO Touch!  =D

* Calgary's Global Petroleum Show is on, went to a couple of hospitality suites - still queazy

* queazy still - will this feeling go away?
* dropped in on friends Deb & Dar at work to say hi.
* golfed 9 holes despite feeling unwell

* still a bit queazy
* went for a hair cut
* feeling better
* heading out to Fergus & Bix for our birthday dinner with friends

* queazy again but not as bad as day before
* dropped Tamara at Calaway Park for a YS day
* watched friends' son play roller hockey
* went for a bike ride
* sat on a patio and enjoyed a small beverage
* ate supper out

Other than the queasiness all week, not a bad week.
=) Lisa

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



That's how old I am today.  It's hard for me to believe!  And as one friend quoted from Jon Bon Jovi to me, 'You're not old, just older.'  Another friend quoted that I was halfway there!  Another quote, "You've never been this old before, and you'll never be this young again!!" 

Love it.

Usually I feel a lot younger than I am but today I am recovering from food poisoning or side effects of medication as I was nauseous all last night and didn't sleep well.  So I am feeling those 45 years today!

The other big NEWS today is that THIS man turned a BIG 4 - 0 today.  So Happy Birthday my handsome man!

And he left me these notes this morning, making me feel special:

If you can't read the notes, my hubby cleaned the counter, emptied the dish rack & dishwasher, made enough oatmeal to share and made coffee this morning!

Have a fantastic day!  =) Lisa

Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 3 - 9, 2012

As I was perusing different blogs and paying special attention to different PL pages, I decided that recording the info for the week was a good idea.  I do hope to catch up soon and be current using PL and thought that if I start recording weekly events, it will help me do my journalling when the time comes.  So I'm starting now.

This week.....

* went condo shopping - no luck finding anything yet
* planted the veggie garden
* went golfing
* stayed up to 1:30am helping Miss Tamara with her 2500 word essay

* mixed up my blood test appt. & went a day early
* got the gardening done in the front yard
* went golfing again - 9 holes

* actual blood test appt.  - both days (of supposed appts.) my fasting tested high on my meter and I have resolved myself that the diabetes is only going to get worse
* went to SC's year end party
* there was a wicked thunderstorm that night

* cancelled Tamara's Dr. appt. because she didn't want to be pulled from school then went to walk-in clinic after school & waited 2 hrs to get a prescription refill, which only took 2 minutes

* volunteered at the YS Golf tournament
perennials planted, everything has been weeded for the most part and the back yard cleaned up.  Worked till 10:30pm because it was so beautiful out.

* my Dr. appt and my doc still says I'm pre-diabetic due to my A1C being under 7.0 but wants me to start mild dosage of metformin 2x a day

* spent the day scrapping & catching up with my good friend Dar
* more crafting after supper & relaxing

Busy week,  And next week looks as busy too.  How was your week?  
=) Lisa