Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This is my 100th post!


And I have been busy over the last week or so.  I saw this blog post from - papercanvas from a blog hop run by Technique Tuesday.  And she had created a bookmark.  I really liked it so decided to 'lift' it and I made five of them.

Over the last few weeks I've been organizing my scrapping supplies and realized I have a lot of paper.  (I tend to hoard it, even the scraps.)  I wanted to use my paper and was unsure how since I've been doing project life - I don't end up using a lot of paper.  As I was trying to figure what to do with the paper, I spent a Saturday afternoon crafting with my good friend Dar who showed me how to make mini paperbag albums.  I said to myself, 'Bingo! I now know how I want to use my paper!'.

She told me that she just googled it in YouTube and that there were a bunch of videos on it.  Most of the videos I watched were put up by Kathy Orta whose blog & videos are on Paper Phenomenon.  This what I came up with:

Adventure Mini Album

Then I made this album from another video:

Cardstock Mini Album

I'm thinking of giving these away as gifts to friends.....  shhhhhhh......

=) Lisa

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