Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 17 - 23, 2012

* Happy Father's Day
* finally, not really queazy!
* went golfing
* talked to my Mom
* made chocolate zucchini muffins

* not queazy, yay!  Still suffer from headaches.
* really went to town working on my paperbag mini album.

* usual housework
* out for coffee with my friend Deb!

* went for a run
* dentist trip - teeth cleaning

* booked trip out to Ontario for August
* went for a long walk with my hubby

* went for a run
* worked on my paperbag mini album

* made fruity quinoa pudding
* went for a super long walk in the rain with my hubby - actually warm and quite nice - no wind
* David came over for supper
* found out my in-laws are arriving two days sooner than I expected - haven't even really thought too much about next week yet - so not ready - will have to wing it!!

=) Lisa

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