Friday, March 16, 2012

Last 6 Months

......of 2007's Project Life pages are now ready to post:

And due to that I'm running out of room on Bloggers Picasa site for photo storage, I am going to try to link everything into Flickr.

Then as I finish off the year 2007 in photos, I had to make a layout for my Christmas album.

Enjoy your evening.  I'm off to watch a DVD that was lent to us several months ago!  =) Lisa

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's finished!

Just a quick update.

My Project Life for year 2007 is finished.  Pictures will be coming in another post.  I am declaring my LOVE for PL.  I checked my blog and it took me just over a year to complete 6 months worth of layouts and I was able to complete 1 whole year with many more photos in just under two months with Project Life!  That's why I'm so excited by it.

I'm not using PL yet for weekly current photos but I may just do that once I catch up.  Which I think will be a possibility sometime this year.

Now to pick out and order pictures for 2008!!   =) Lisa

12 on the 12th

I wanted to play along with Dear Lizzy and her 12 on 12.  The ideas was to take 12 pictures of your daily life in one day.  My hardest part was to remember to take 12 pictures.  I managed.  Here they are:

My coffee as I read blogs after eating breakfast.

Went to the gym for a workout.  Elliptical, abs, chest & triceps - really trying to get back into shape.

A pile or two of laundry to do.

Tamara's night to make supper.  Spaghetti tonight.

My hubby, home a little late from work, eating supper.

Laundry washed and folded.

Tamara having some 'down' time, face booking.

A text from my son, telling me he got accepted to a Polytechnic Institute (SAIT).

My hubby working into the evening.

Tamara cleaning up after supper.  Part of her weekly chore.

My scrapbook table and a Project Life page I'm working on.

Bed.  With fresh clean sheets.  Can't wait to crawl in.

So that was my day.  Not as busy as some days but it definitely gives you an idea of what one of our days looks like.  =) Lisa