Thursday, March 14, 2013

February 2013

February!  The month of:

And soon Myron and I were going off on our holiday to Mexico but first I went for a pedi with friend Jen B.
And I got my car back from the repair shop.

On the 8th, I got a cute haircut for my trip and for the Hearts 4 Arts Gala that we attended on the 9th.

Marge & Art also arrived from Manitoba to stay with Tamara while we were off on our trip.

Flew out on the 12th and returned on the 27th.  Here's a link to the pictures on FB.

Mexico 2013

And then February was over.  The month went by really quickly.  =) Lisa

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

January 2013

-We started the New Year still on holiday in Manitoba.  On the 1st, we enjoyed New Years Day cookies or Portzelky.

-Myron, Tamara & I flew back home on the 3rd.  This is how the road looked on our drive into Winnipeg.

-We were told of the sad news of Myron's Uncle Jack passing on the 8th.

-Myron flew out for the funeral on the 11th.  Tamara & I stayed behind as she was enrolled in a Diploma Prep Course for Math on the weekend.

-I was tired of our built in desk looking so rough and abused that I decided to sand the desk down.  This summer I hope to re-stain it when I can have the windows open.  I could not believe how much dust the sanding created.

-On the 15th, I had a fender bender - my fault.  I wasn't playing with the radio or on my phone or anything like that.  I was just trying to meet up with David as he was almost running late for his registration appointment for next semester and I wanted to surprise him by picking him up along the way to our house.  So I was just thinking about him when I saw the stop sign at the last second and did my best not to hit the vehicle that had the right of way.  (I feel ashamed about that.  I'm a better driver than that.  At least, I thought I was.)  No one was hurt & the lady who I hit was so sweet.  I was so upset about what I had done - she even gave me a hug.

-Thursday the 17th, after bowling, some of us ladies had a little tour to see how the operation of the bowling lanes worked.

- That weekend there was a workshop weekend for the Youth Singers.  On Saturday, the Senior Highs had a bit of a social.  They went to Lloyd's recreation to go roller skating/blading and dressed in themed costumes for some added fun.

- Tamara had a sleepover with a friend on the 22nd.  She was on exam break and had no other exams for the remainder of the week.  They had fun playing with the camera on the computer.  I think Tamara posted about 50+ photos of themselves making faces.

- Tamara & I went grad dress shopping on the 25th and found her a dress!  Now we just have to worry about shoes & hemming.

And that was our January.  =) Lisa

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The rest of December 2012 (24th to 31st)

-Myron, David, Tamara & I had a mini Christmas celebration at home before heading to the airport for our flight to Manitoba.

-Christmas Day was quiet.  We were waiting for Jon & Andrea to arrive on the 26th from visiting Andrea's family in Saskatchewan before celebrating Christmas with the family.  Though I did have a nice long chat with my Mom, and cousin Jackie.

-Jon, Andrea and the boys arrived and we opened the presents we were exchanging - books, of course.

-The 27th we headed to the farm and enjoyed chopping wood, having a camp fire, riding the quad or being pulled behind the quad on the toboggan.

-The next day we drove David back to Winnipeg for his flight back home.  Then we went to Pinewa to visit Myron's Uncle Jack in the hospital.

-The Hildebrand Family gathering was held in Morden on the 30th.  Tamara joined her step-cousins in performing a song - 'Breath of Heaven' and then she sang 'Cinnamon & Chocolate' on her own with Lisa accompanying her from your Youth Singers Christmas show.

-New Years Eve day was a very cold day (-28C) and Myron hiked 5 miles out to the farm in the blustery cold.  We had a lobster boil planned for supper and the 'boys' tended the fire, had a few bears and got the water boiling in the cauldron to cook the lobster while the rest of us stayed warm in the house.

We brought the New Year in quietly back at Art & Marge's and in bed.  I think we managed to stay up to about 11:30pm.

=) Lisa