Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The rest of December 2012 (24th to 31st)

-Myron, David, Tamara & I had a mini Christmas celebration at home before heading to the airport for our flight to Manitoba.

-Christmas Day was quiet.  We were waiting for Jon & Andrea to arrive on the 26th from visiting Andrea's family in Saskatchewan before celebrating Christmas with the family.  Though I did have a nice long chat with my Mom, and cousin Jackie.

-Jon, Andrea and the boys arrived and we opened the presents we were exchanging - books, of course.

-The 27th we headed to the farm and enjoyed chopping wood, having a camp fire, riding the quad or being pulled behind the quad on the toboggan.

-The next day we drove David back to Winnipeg for his flight back home.  Then we went to Pinewa to visit Myron's Uncle Jack in the hospital.

-The Hildebrand Family gathering was held in Morden on the 30th.  Tamara joined her step-cousins in performing a song - 'Breath of Heaven' and then she sang 'Cinnamon & Chocolate' on her own with Lisa accompanying her from your Youth Singers Christmas show.

-New Years Eve day was a very cold day (-28C) and Myron hiked 5 miles out to the farm in the blustery cold.  We had a lobster boil planned for supper and the 'boys' tended the fire, had a few bears and got the water boiling in the cauldron to cook the lobster while the rest of us stayed warm in the house.

We brought the New Year in quietly back at Art & Marge's and in bed.  I think we managed to stay up to about 11:30pm.

=) Lisa

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