Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy, busy.

Seems as if we are all super busy lately.  Just wanted to post some pics and get the blog up to date.

First off, some pics of Tamara's jack o'lantern:

I wanted to do an outdoor container this year and the weatherman was predicting cold & snow temps over the next little while (and they were right!) so I decided to pick up some greens and prep my container and water the greens so they would stay fresh.  I also had some white branches and artificial branches with lights that I added as I wanted them all to 'freeze' in so they would stay.  Here's a couple of pics of my work in progress:

After a long and drawn out debate, I decided to leave my employment at the end of the month to be a full time Mom (Or at least only doing things, work, volunteering etc during Tamara's school hours - being available for Tamara more often in afternoons/evenings and weekends.  Working in the service industry doesn't always allow that.).  It was a tough decision as I liked the work and I liked the ladies I work with.  But it was affecting our home life and family comes first.  So I will be saying farewell to the ladies soon.  As we were entering the holiday season, I plan on giving a small gift (maybe a box of homemade Christmas cookies) and a homemade card.  I made a few cards and now I have to decide which ones I'm going to give away.  =)

And the last thing to post today is that I finished another scrapbook page with pictures from 2006 - Tamara's 11th birthday:

All caught up.  Enjoy!  =) Lisa