Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandmas and then some.

Well Myron's Grandma birthday was fast approaching and so I quickly made this card to send to her.  Then I remembered that my Grandma's birthday was approaching.  So I wanted to do a card for her.  Then I had a moment and realized that both of my kids' birthday's were around the corner.  Then another thought struck and I realized Mother's day was not too far away either.  SO  here's a round of the cards I made.

 For Grandma Dorothy.

 For my Grandma

 For my Mom

 For my Mom In Law,

 For my son,

 and finally for my daughter.

It was card frenzy!  =)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My latest obsession

I don't know why and it's been building for some time but lately I love the Asian style art of Cherry Blossoms.  So much so that I have found ways to bring it into my home and I am planning on incorporating it into more of my scrapbooking.

This first is my attempt to paint my own design.  I don't think it turned out too bad - I'm saving it and may try to put it on one of my scrap pages.

One day I took Tamara & her friend Rebecca to a ceramics store, The Clayground where you get to paint your own object.  They have so many things to choose from plates to animals to teapots to vases, etc.  I had difficulty choosing just one until I finally decided on this bud vase.  And then you can see my second attempt at some Asian Art.

I had been coveting this teapot I saw in Teaopia before Christmas mainly because it came with a strainer and you can steep loose leaf tea easily in it but also because of the design painted on it and thought it would look great on our counter, so I finally bought last week. 

It looks good doesn't it?  =)

Then when I was looking for some scrapbooking supplies ( I really was interested into learning how to use mists) I came across this template and knew I had to have it!

I can hardly wait to play with the template. (I also bought some glimmer mist to experiment with - you may have noticed I tried the mist on some of the Mom Day cards I made in the previous post).

So I'm off to enjoy my latest obsessions!  Have a great weekend!  =) Lisa

Mom's Day Cards

Well, I was approached by my boss Parvaneh at Gypsy Rose to make and sell cards (and having some ready for Mother's Day) as I had given her a thankyou card for a couple of plants she gave me.  Now my style is fairly simple but if people like them and buy them, why not?  So I came up with 12.  Parvaneh wanted simple & elegant.  Hopefully I came through.

And if not, then I have a bunch of cards to give to family & friends. Now if only I can find a neat way to display them in the store!  =) Lisa