Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project Life: January 2010 to beginning of May 2010


I haven't been blogging as much lately.  Life has been busy.  I have managed to complete a bunch of project life pages which I'm going to post today.  This is a photo heavy post.  :-)

You can see that I've kept the pages quite simple.  I am focusing on getting pages done rather than worry about too many embellishments.  =) Lisa

Sunday, April 7, 2013

March 2013

How March wrapped up!  It came in as a lamb....

On the 10th, Myron, Tamara & I went skiing at Sunshine.  Had been a long time and was a lot of fun.  But because we did a lot of green runs at the start of the day to get our ski legs, we ended up being on flat ground quite a bit and having to pole our way over to lifts a lot.  The next few days my arms were super sore - discovered muscles I didn't know were there!

On the 12th I finally broke down and decided to bake cookies.

On the 13th the solo list for Senior High was posted and Tamara got a solo for 'I dreamed a dream' for the Les Mis medley they are doing for the year end show.

Choralfest was held on Sunday the 17th.

The first ay of Spring was a really beautiful warm day so I took a walk.  The next day, winter came back.

On Saturday the 23rd, Myron & I headed out with our realtor to look at condos again.  That night we went to a birthday party - Jason & Tanya's.  Lately I've been trying to ramp up my wardrobe of t-shirt & jeans and bought a gingham shirt at old navy and paired it with an old blazer I had (from looking up wardrobe ideas on pinterest etc.).  I was actually pretty happy how it turned out and tried to get a snapshop with my phone in the bathroom.  Not in focus but you can get the idea.  I was happy with my outfit.  =)

On Sunday the 24th, it was nice enough to go for a walk, so Myron & I headed out with a pitt stop at his favourite brewery, Wild Rose Brewery.

We put in an offer on a condo we saw the day before and by evening after a little back & forth, the seller accepted our offer.  We were now the proud owners of a condo.  We just had to review the condo docs and if everything was in order then the condo was ours.  Closing date May 15th.

Good Friday arrived and Myron and I went skiing again in Sunshine.

Friday was also a sad day in Alberta's history as former Calgary mayor and Alberta PM Ralph Klein passed away.

Sunday was Easter - Happy Easter and the last day of March.  David came over for supper and we had a nice turkey dinner!

Happy Easter!  =) Lisa