Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some LOs from May/Jun 06


Grade 9 Grad ....

Just a quick posting.  Hope you enjoy the holidays.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  =) Lisa

Monday, December 13, 2010

Missing You Dad

A year ago we lost you Dad.  I'm writing this post, hoping that it helps the healing.  How much I wish you were still here yet relieved that you aren't suffering anymore.  Such a great loss.  How you are missed.  I feel there's a hole in my life.  Though the kids knew you a little as Gramps, they will miss out on knowing you as an adult.  How you liked to laugh, how you loved to tease; these are all treasured memories now.  I like to think that you taught me your sense of humour, playfulness, fairness, integrity, morals and ethics. That I carry that part of you with me always, to pass onto my kids.  Who will hopefully pass on to their kids so that your legacy of the kind of person you were and our memories of you get carried on.  This is 'bullshit' Dad, this is 'bullshit'.

Love you always.  Your daughter...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy, busy.

Seems as if we are all super busy lately.  Just wanted to post some pics and get the blog up to date.

First off, some pics of Tamara's jack o'lantern:

I wanted to do an outdoor container this year and the weatherman was predicting cold & snow temps over the next little while (and they were right!) so I decided to pick up some greens and prep my container and water the greens so they would stay fresh.  I also had some white branches and artificial branches with lights that I added as I wanted them all to 'freeze' in so they would stay.  Here's a couple of pics of my work in progress:

After a long and drawn out debate, I decided to leave my employment at the end of the month to be a full time Mom (Or at least only doing things, work, volunteering etc during Tamara's school hours - being available for Tamara more often in afternoons/evenings and weekends.  Working in the service industry doesn't always allow that.).  It was a tough decision as I liked the work and I liked the ladies I work with.  But it was affecting our home life and family comes first.  So I will be saying farewell to the ladies soon.  As we were entering the holiday season, I plan on giving a small gift (maybe a box of homemade Christmas cookies) and a homemade card.  I made a few cards and now I have to decide which ones I'm going to give away.  =)

And the last thing to post today is that I finished another scrapbook page with pictures from 2006 - Tamara's 11th birthday:

All caught up.  Enjoy!  =) Lisa

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heritage Day & visit from Michaëlle Jean

May 5, 2006 - Tamara along with her classmates participated in Calgary's Heritage Day.  The kids also got to see Michaëlle Jean arrive with our Mayor, Dave Bronconnier.  It was an exciting day.

Cheers =) Lisa

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

David's 15th Birthday Scrap Page

 Need I say more....

.......perhaps.  The year - 2006.  Black hair dye, friends, favourite foods and cake.  Great day!  Love you kiddo!  =)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mrs. Weitz's Grade 5 Class

Mrs. Weitz was Tamara's grade 5 teacher (she was also David's Grade 5 teacher) and one of her favourites .  Every year she has her students study the medieval times and they have put on a 'Feast' at the end of their unit.

Just a simple page to show it off.  =)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Playing around

Hi!!  I've just been playing around on my blog.  Found a great site - thanks due to my cousin in law Jill as I follow her blog and I saw a link to this great website.  And I thought to myself.....  hmmmmmmm it's free.  And as I've been told a Mennonite story where the punch line goes, 'Special is special but free is free.' So I thought, why not??  and prettied up my blog a bit!!

It was SO simple and I liked them better than the blogger templates.  Here's to playing around!! =) Lisa

Monday, September 20, 2010

A kit & my Grandma

So I decided to buy a scrapbook kit.  It seemed to make putting pages together more easily and quickly.  Plus I wouldn't have to go out in this wet cold weather to go looking for supplies - they would be  delivered to my doorstep.  So I bought my first kit to try out from Studio Calico.

A little excited about what & when I would use my kit.  I had the next picture in mind to scrapbook which was of my Grandma.  The patterned paper being a nice match to my Grandma's outfit, I thought, why not use the kit now??

My Grandma has had false teeth ever since I could remember.  I found out as an adult that she actually purchased her 'falsies' on the black market as her and my grandfather couldn't afford it otherwise.

After many, many years and tired of some of the irritation she was feeling got sized with proper fitting teeth.  These teeth actually filled her face in more and changed my Grandma's look slightly.  She sure seemed pleased with the results.  So I made this page of her.

That is one beautiful lady.  I love you Grandma!  Cheers!  =) Lisa

Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Ever Beach Vacation!

SO!!!  I finally am into 2006 with my scrap pages.  I'm going to try and get up caught up this winter.  I've decided that that's my winter project.....  wish me luck!

These next pics are of our trip to Punta Cana in the Dominion Republic.  My first ever beach resort vacation.

First, a little sneak peek.....

As it's a two page layout, I took pictures of each page, then one of the whole layout.

Just remembering a little of the tropical temperatures on this September summer day that feels more like winter.  Cheers!  =) Lisa

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept 2010 Long Weekend

Myron was in need of a much needed vacation and wanted to head home to farm for a bit and flew out to MB the Sunday before Labour Day weekend and unfortunately couldn't really farm due to the 5 inches of rain they got that week.

Tamara & I didn't get to MB until the long weekend as Tamara started school (Grade 10 - high school!) before Labour Day this year.

Not only was this weekend a long weekend but it was a celebration of some birthday's.  My father-in-law, Art. My sister-in-law, Andrea and one of my brothers-in-law, Jer.  We were in for a real treat.

First we partook of the Louise Food Grains Bank Project which held a community harvest event. They combined approximately 100 acres of wheat to be donated to charity.  Rides were offered to the spectators and I got a ride in the combine with my father-in-law.


Then we got to experience our first Hildebrand Annual Labour Day Rockets!

Fun was had by all - lots of food and visiting.  Sadly our weekend ended quickly and we had to fly home.

Looking forward to next time, meanwhile back to the grind. =)

Summer Time.......

..... is pretty much over.

But first to give a quick recap of our summer.  I worked full time pretty much the first 3 weeks of July.  Not shocking for most people however I was only supposed to be part-time.  Small mis-communication error between & my employer on my part....

My summer vacation started when my Mom & Dad-in-law came out to visit the first weekend of the Stampede.  We had an exciting weekend with them.  Our first full day of our visit was the day of the Calgary Stampede.  It was one of our hottest days of summer.  After the parade we went and experienced the Body World Exhibit .

Then on Saturday we headed down to the stampede grounds despite the rain where we had tickets for the chuck wagon races and grandstand show.

A couple of weeks later, my Mom came out to visit.  We had a much deserved and relaxing time.  We made a trip to Edmonton to visit my Uncle, Aunt and Gramdma as well as we made a day trip to Banff to shop as tourists.  =)


Tamara and I even managed to camp for a weekend in August.

Hope your summer was fun! =)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary to my husband!

Two years ago, we got married on top of tunnel mountain in Banff, AB.  Two wonderful years!  And hoping I get to celebrate many, many more with you just as we celebrated this weekend.

My thoughtful, generous husband decided to treat us both to a trip to the mountains for our second anniversary.  I, silly person, forgot my CAMERA!!  However, I had the camera on my phone - poor substitute but I was able to capture a couple of pictures!

First off, we arrived in Banff and took a hike around Lake Minnewanka, then we checked into the beautiful Rimrock Hotel.  That night we had dinner at the fabulous Maple Leaf Grille.  After dinner we didn't feel quite ready to head back to the hotel so we strolled up the road to have a beverage at the Magpie & Stump.

Where we saw this cute VW with a hamburger on top.  So many people stopped to take their picture by it that of course we did too.  

Then we went back to the hotel and sat in front of the fireplace and chatted for a while.

It was a great evening.  

The next day we decided to challenge ourselves by hiking up Sulphur Mountain - which at the Gondola is 7,486 ft above sea level.  The hike took us 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete!  Then we took the easy way down and rode the gondola.  

We had a fantastic Anniversary weekend!  Thanks Myron!!  Love you honey!!

=) Lisa

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A little page

Just a little page that I managed to do in the last little while.  It was the first time the kids met the Hildebrand family, Christmas 2005.

We enjoyed many fun activities that Christmas, tobogganing, hiking, curling, skating, skiing, hay ride and most of all digging in the snow hills and making tunnels.  I believe it was one of our most enjoyable holidays.  =) Lisa

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To all the Dad's out there....

To my love, my husband, Myron as being a step-father is probably tougher than being a biological parent and to all the other step-fathers I know.

To my brother Karl who finally gets a chance to be a father to a new son Ayden and reconnect with an older son, Pat. Plus he's a stepfather too.

Karl & Ayden
Pat & Ayden

Karl, Mac, Emily & Cindy

To my father-in-law whose witty wonderful ways has helped nourish my husband into the man he is today.
Art & Myron

To my brothers-in-law and all my friends who are fathers. 

Jer & Colin

Jer & Erica

Jon & Aaron

And to all those who have lost their fathers, like my Dad, as they are GREATLY missed.  

Dad & the kids...

Dad & I (2007)

I miss you Dad. Love you!!

DAY!! ♥