Monday, December 13, 2010

Missing You Dad

A year ago we lost you Dad.  I'm writing this post, hoping that it helps the healing.  How much I wish you were still here yet relieved that you aren't suffering anymore.  Such a great loss.  How you are missed.  I feel there's a hole in my life.  Though the kids knew you a little as Gramps, they will miss out on knowing you as an adult.  How you liked to laugh, how you loved to tease; these are all treasured memories now.  I like to think that you taught me your sense of humour, playfulness, fairness, integrity, morals and ethics. That I carry that part of you with me always, to pass onto my kids.  Who will hopefully pass on to their kids so that your legacy of the kind of person you were and our memories of you get carried on.  This is 'bullshit' Dad, this is 'bullshit'.

Love you always.  Your daughter...


  1. Hey Lisa!
    Been thinking of you the last few days - how this Christmas will be a bit "different" than last. Love ya! So nice to read your tribute to your Dad. Looking forward to seeing you in Manitoba soon.
    Lisa (Jer's)

  2. Aw gee, thanks Lisa! Got the Christmas picture in the mail yesterday from you. Beautiful! What a great looking family!! Am looking forward to our visit this year - just a little over a week. Love ya, miss ya! See you soon. =)