Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Class of Level 3 Floral Design!

This class was all about using other mechanical materials instead of oasis floral form to make your arrangements with. Our project was to make a vase arrangement using armature support created from natural materials. Our instructor, Lea was exciting and exuberant and alot of fun. I had a great class. Most of my classmates made veriticle arrangements. One of the ladies made a vertical arrangement with horizontal elements to support her material. I made an inverted triangle arrangement. I should have done this in the beginning but from now on, I'm bringing my camera to class. =) 

Have a great day! =) Lisa

Landscape Arrangement & Interpretive Arrangement

Our fifth class (landscape arrangement):

Our last class of Floral Design Level 2 - the interpretive arrangement! We were given the opportunity to start our designs without watching the instructor's demo first. I decided to give it a go! Here's the results:



After the lillies bloomed. 
=) Lisa

Monday, November 16, 2009

Parallel System Design

This colour of this design is monochromatic and as since white isn't a true colour is also considered achromatic. We were to design with some groupings and negative space between groupings. This design is usually vertical and not to have radiating lines however we did some basing with slight radial stem placement. It kind of has the start of a Christmas feeling with the candles. It's probably better displayed on a buffet table versus a centrepiece. When Myron saw it, he said it looked like a sympathy arrangement and why not? Customer's choice.



=) Lisa.

Chris & Dar's Wedding

While I was at the CF Volleyball Regionals (see last post), I received a phonecall from Darlene that her wedding to Chris was finally happening - that weekend and would Myron & I come? Well I was honoured to be included in their celebration! Here is the page I scrapbooked about their special day. =) Lisa

CF Volleyball Regionals 2005

The girls and I in Edmonton for the CF Volleyball Regionals. This was a fun time because not only was I doing something I love to do with the girls but my Uncle came out and watched us play. =) Lisa

Formal Horizontal Arrangement

Well, I decided to go a little asymmetrical so it didn't turn out so formal. I actually had a difficult time designing this arrangement but I think in the end it all came together.


Close shot

One side

The other side.

Hope you liked it. =) Lisa

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hallowe'en 2009

When I asked Tamara if I could take pictures of her in her costume, she said not unless you want people to think I'm a playboy bunny. I guess that's what everyone was saying she looked like despite that she was wearing her everyday clothes with just the bunny ears and tail. She was offended. She is JUST a bunny! =) Here she is with her friend Christine. I 'borrowed' the pic from her facebook and will try to get actual pics later for this.

For our pumpkin, Tamara carved 3 'faces' into it.  'Moo Cow' is Tamara's favourite made up expression.

Then she has 'Happy Jack'.

And the third side is a kitty face.

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone! =) Lisa

Friday, October 30, 2009

Vertical Form Arrangement

and then closer.

My second class was alot of fun. This arrangement went easy for me. I really enjoyed using the curly willow. =) Lisa

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Floral Design Level 2 class!

Thursday (Oct 22) was my first class for Floral Design Level 2. It was loads of fun. There are about 10 - 12 ladies taking the class and 10-12 slightly different designs even though we all had the same container, and the same flowers. We were to follow the instructors design, the result being an asymetrical split complimentary floral arrangement. Below is my design.

View of the front, the night of the class.

The view of the back. Though the design is more 'one sided' the instructor stated that more and more arrangements were being viewed from all sides and so, it was a nice idea to dress up the back a little bit.

More lillies have bloomed.

A close up of the bloomed lilies.

Have a great day! =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Robbie Burns Mess Dinner

Well these pages turned out the way I envisioned them. Sort of. I found the branch rub-ons in a children's bookstore and of course bought them a couple of months ago. I really couldn't wait to use them but had no idea where. Finally I came across my Robbie Burns dinner pics and I thought that since we were dress 'to the nines' that the branches would add a bit of an elegant touch. But I also wanted birds. However, I could only find stamps and therefore my recent purchase - acrylic stamps. Then I got the bright idea of adding the Calgary Highlanders' tartan as a colour scheme to my page. I googled and found a picture sample. Saved it on my desktop and printed it on cardstock. And voila, I had tartan paper! It's so cool how an idea evolves into another one.

Because my scanner is too small to scan 12 x 12 pages. I scanned a bit of it so you can see the colours and then I photographed the pages so you can get an idea of the whole effect.

Have a great night. =)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Friends are so important in your life. I am blessed to have a wonderful group of friends over the years and I have created this page from one of those moments when we were out celebrating as friends.
Have a good night. =)

Friday, October 9, 2009

MFRC Mini-Album Workshop

Well, I received a txt Monday from my good friend, Darlene telling me about the MFRC Mini - Album Workshop. It was $10 and all you needed to bring were 10 - 20 pictures.
So I said, 'Sure!' Since I was working on my 2004/2005 pictures for scrapbooking, I selected my trip to Las Vegas with my hubby where we met up with his really good friends.

Not knowing that the mini-album was in the shape of teddy bear heads, I dressed up my pages to look as sparkly as possible with the supplies on hand. Here's the album ......

=) Lisa

Friday, October 2, 2009

All about foam!

Well, we have been busy over the last few weeks having our roof removed and foam insulation sprayed in. Here are a few shots of the process.

The next shot is of my funny hubby who wanted a picture of 'meeting' Mike Homes from Holmes on Homes.

I also managed to get a scrap page done. I know that a lot of people are doing pages of present day, but I have decided on doing album pages back a few years and bring them up to present day. My new project! These pictures were of December 2004 shortly after I met Myron. He went home to Crystal City that year for Christmas and my parents came out to Calgary. I think it was the last day in December and Tamara & I (David was off doing other things with his friends) signed up for a ski trip through the MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre) and had a blast.
My scanner wouldn't scan the whole 12 x 12 page - so I took a picture of it. Not the best picture but I thought, 'It'll do until I can figure out something else."

Have a great weekend! =)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finally finished!

Tamara's baby album is finally finished! Though I scraplifted alot of these pages (see my earlier post 'My scraplifts - Tamara's Baby Album and the link attached for the full album), these last ones are my 'own' design.

Hope you enjoyed! =) Lisa