Friday, October 9, 2009

MFRC Mini-Album Workshop

Well, I received a txt Monday from my good friend, Darlene telling me about the MFRC Mini - Album Workshop. It was $10 and all you needed to bring were 10 - 20 pictures.
So I said, 'Sure!' Since I was working on my 2004/2005 pictures for scrapbooking, I selected my trip to Las Vegas with my hubby where we met up with his really good friends.

Not knowing that the mini-album was in the shape of teddy bear heads, I dressed up my pages to look as sparkly as possible with the supplies on hand. Here's the album ......

=) Lisa


  1. Looks great!
    Where was the class?
    A local scrap shop?

  2. Thx.

    It was just a workshop that the Military Family Resource Centre put on for friends and family of deployed military members.