Friday, October 2, 2009

All about foam!

Well, we have been busy over the last few weeks having our roof removed and foam insulation sprayed in. Here are a few shots of the process.

The next shot is of my funny hubby who wanted a picture of 'meeting' Mike Homes from Holmes on Homes.

I also managed to get a scrap page done. I know that a lot of people are doing pages of present day, but I have decided on doing album pages back a few years and bring them up to present day. My new project! These pictures were of December 2004 shortly after I met Myron. He went home to Crystal City that year for Christmas and my parents came out to Calgary. I think it was the last day in December and Tamara & I (David was off doing other things with his friends) signed up for a ski trip through the MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre) and had a blast.
My scanner wouldn't scan the whole 12 x 12 page - so I took a picture of it. Not the best picture but I thought, 'It'll do until I can figure out something else."

Have a great weekend! =)

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  1. Really neat and interesting. I hope your new roof does what it is suppossed to do. Winter is coming so you must be ready. Bye. Art.