Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Robbie Burns Mess Dinner

Well these pages turned out the way I envisioned them. Sort of. I found the branch rub-ons in a children's bookstore and of course bought them a couple of months ago. I really couldn't wait to use them but had no idea where. Finally I came across my Robbie Burns dinner pics and I thought that since we were dress 'to the nines' that the branches would add a bit of an elegant touch. But I also wanted birds. However, I could only find stamps and therefore my recent purchase - acrylic stamps. Then I got the bright idea of adding the Calgary Highlanders' tartan as a colour scheme to my page. I googled and found a picture sample. Saved it on my desktop and printed it on cardstock. And voila, I had tartan paper! It's so cool how an idea evolves into another one.

Because my scanner is too small to scan 12 x 12 pages. I scanned a bit of it so you can see the colours and then I photographed the pages so you can get an idea of the whole effect.

Have a great night. =)

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