Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept 2010 Long Weekend

Myron was in need of a much needed vacation and wanted to head home to farm for a bit and flew out to MB the Sunday before Labour Day weekend and unfortunately couldn't really farm due to the 5 inches of rain they got that week.

Tamara & I didn't get to MB until the long weekend as Tamara started school (Grade 10 - high school!) before Labour Day this year.

Not only was this weekend a long weekend but it was a celebration of some birthday's.  My father-in-law, Art. My sister-in-law, Andrea and one of my brothers-in-law, Jer.  We were in for a real treat.

First we partook of the Louise Food Grains Bank Project which held a community harvest event. They combined approximately 100 acres of wheat to be donated to charity.  Rides were offered to the spectators and I got a ride in the combine with my father-in-law.


Then we got to experience our first Hildebrand Annual Labour Day Rockets!

Fun was had by all - lots of food and visiting.  Sadly our weekend ended quickly and we had to fly home.

Looking forward to next time, meanwhile back to the grind. =)

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