Monday, September 20, 2010

A kit & my Grandma

So I decided to buy a scrapbook kit.  It seemed to make putting pages together more easily and quickly.  Plus I wouldn't have to go out in this wet cold weather to go looking for supplies - they would be  delivered to my doorstep.  So I bought my first kit to try out from Studio Calico.

A little excited about what & when I would use my kit.  I had the next picture in mind to scrapbook which was of my Grandma.  The patterned paper being a nice match to my Grandma's outfit, I thought, why not use the kit now??

My Grandma has had false teeth ever since I could remember.  I found out as an adult that she actually purchased her 'falsies' on the black market as her and my grandfather couldn't afford it otherwise.

After many, many years and tired of some of the irritation she was feeling got sized with proper fitting teeth.  These teeth actually filled her face in more and changed my Grandma's look slightly.  She sure seemed pleased with the results.  So I made this page of her.

That is one beautiful lady.  I love you Grandma!  Cheers!  =) Lisa

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