Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To all the Dad's out there....

To my love, my husband, Myron as being a step-father is probably tougher than being a biological parent and to all the other step-fathers I know.

To my brother Karl who finally gets a chance to be a father to a new son Ayden and reconnect with an older son, Pat. Plus he's a stepfather too.

Karl & Ayden
Pat & Ayden

Karl, Mac, Emily & Cindy

To my father-in-law whose witty wonderful ways has helped nourish my husband into the man he is today.
Art & Myron

To my brothers-in-law and all my friends who are fathers. 

Jer & Colin

Jer & Erica

Jon & Aaron

And to all those who have lost their fathers, like my Dad, as they are GREATLY missed.  

Dad & the kids...

Dad & I (2007)

I miss you Dad. Love you!!

DAY!! ♥

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