Wednesday, March 13, 2013

January 2013

-We started the New Year still on holiday in Manitoba.  On the 1st, we enjoyed New Years Day cookies or Portzelky.

-Myron, Tamara & I flew back home on the 3rd.  This is how the road looked on our drive into Winnipeg.

-We were told of the sad news of Myron's Uncle Jack passing on the 8th.

-Myron flew out for the funeral on the 11th.  Tamara & I stayed behind as she was enrolled in a Diploma Prep Course for Math on the weekend.

-I was tired of our built in desk looking so rough and abused that I decided to sand the desk down.  This summer I hope to re-stain it when I can have the windows open.  I could not believe how much dust the sanding created.

-On the 15th, I had a fender bender - my fault.  I wasn't playing with the radio or on my phone or anything like that.  I was just trying to meet up with David as he was almost running late for his registration appointment for next semester and I wanted to surprise him by picking him up along the way to our house.  So I was just thinking about him when I saw the stop sign at the last second and did my best not to hit the vehicle that had the right of way.  (I feel ashamed about that.  I'm a better driver than that.  At least, I thought I was.)  No one was hurt & the lady who I hit was so sweet.  I was so upset about what I had done - she even gave me a hug.

-Thursday the 17th, after bowling, some of us ladies had a little tour to see how the operation of the bowling lanes worked.

- That weekend there was a workshop weekend for the Youth Singers.  On Saturday, the Senior Highs had a bit of a social.  They went to Lloyd's recreation to go roller skating/blading and dressed in themed costumes for some added fun.

- Tamara had a sleepover with a friend on the 22nd.  She was on exam break and had no other exams for the remainder of the week.  They had fun playing with the camera on the computer.  I think Tamara posted about 50+ photos of themselves making faces.

- Tamara & I went grad dress shopping on the 25th and found her a dress!  Now we just have to worry about shoes & hemming.

And that was our January.  =) Lisa

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