Tuesday, June 12, 2012



That's how old I am today.  It's hard for me to believe!  And as one friend quoted from Jon Bon Jovi to me, 'You're not old, just older.'  Another friend quoted that I was halfway there!  Another quote, "You've never been this old before, and you'll never be this young again!!" 

Love it.

Usually I feel a lot younger than I am but today I am recovering from food poisoning or side effects of medication as I was nauseous all last night and didn't sleep well.  So I am feeling those 45 years today!

The other big NEWS today is that THIS man turned a BIG 4 - 0 today.  So Happy Birthday my handsome man!

And he left me these notes this morning, making me feel special:

If you can't read the notes, my hubby cleaned the counter, emptied the dish rack & dishwasher, made enough oatmeal to share and made coffee this morning!

Have a fantastic day!  =) Lisa

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  1. Happy, Happy Birthdays, Lisa and Myron! Love the quotes, Lisa...I'm going to remember those!