Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 3 - 9, 2012

As I was perusing different blogs and paying special attention to different PL pages, I decided that recording the info for the week was a good idea.  I do hope to catch up soon and be current using PL and thought that if I start recording weekly events, it will help me do my journalling when the time comes.  So I'm starting now.

This week.....

* went condo shopping - no luck finding anything yet
* planted the veggie garden
* went golfing
* stayed up to 1:30am helping Miss Tamara with her 2500 word essay

* mixed up my blood test appt. & went a day early
* got the gardening done in the front yard
* went golfing again - 9 holes

* actual blood test appt.  - both days (of supposed appts.) my fasting tested high on my meter and I have resolved myself that the diabetes is only going to get worse
* went to SC's year end party
* there was a wicked thunderstorm that night

* cancelled Tamara's Dr. appt. because she didn't want to be pulled from school then went to walk-in clinic after school & waited 2 hrs to get a prescription refill, which only took 2 minutes

* volunteered at the YS Golf tournament
perennials planted, everything has been weeded for the most part and the back yard cleaned up.  Worked till 10:30pm because it was so beautiful out.

* my Dr. appt and my doc still says I'm pre-diabetic due to my A1C being under 7.0 but wants me to start mild dosage of metformin 2x a day

* spent the day scrapping & catching up with my good friend Dar
* more crafting after supper & relaxing

Busy week,  And next week looks as busy too.  How was your week?  
=) Lisa

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