Friday, June 15, 2012

June 10 - 16, 2012

This week....

* was supposed to golf but wimped out because of the wind
* mentally trying to adjust (still) to being prediabetic and moderating my carbs

* went for a run - beautiful weather, am planning on running tomorrow
* suddenly ill in the evening, nauseous all night, didn't get much sleep - thinking if this is the side effect of the meds, how can I take more??  But I must.

* 45 today - my day did not start like I planned - no run, tried to keep my spirits up.  Myron's bday today too and he is a big 4 - 0.  Tried to make it a special day for him.
* fantastic dinner at the Rouge restaurant despite feeling queazy
* my bd present is the KOBO Touch!  =D

* Calgary's Global Petroleum Show is on, went to a couple of hospitality suites - still queazy

* queazy still - will this feeling go away?
* dropped in on friends Deb & Dar at work to say hi.
* golfed 9 holes despite feeling unwell

* still a bit queazy
* went for a hair cut
* feeling better
* heading out to Fergus & Bix for our birthday dinner with friends

* queazy again but not as bad as day before
* dropped Tamara at Calaway Park for a YS day
* watched friends' son play roller hockey
* went for a bike ride
* sat on a patio and enjoyed a small beverage
* ate supper out

Other than the queasiness all week, not a bad week.
=) Lisa

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