Monday, July 16, 2012

July 8 - 14, 2012

Stampede week & Heat wave!

* temp went up to 30C (hot for Calgary)
* went for a walk
* tried to rotisserie a chicken on the BBQ before planned drinks over at a friend's house
* ate a quick salad, went for drinks at a friend's, then ate chicken at 10:30pm

* temp expected to soar to 30C possibly 32C - right now it's 24C at 10am

* tiny bit of housecleaning, then ended up relaxing before working/volunteering at the bingo
* late night at the bingo!

* got up to say good-bye to Tamara as she headed off to summer school, then headed back to bed for a few more ZZZZs.
* finished off the housework - nothing too exciting today.
* temp up to 30C

* went for a run!
* still struggling with blood sugars.  Can I ever eat normally again especially without worry?
* temps again up to 30C
* took my crafting outside and had to make sure I weighed things down so it wouldn't blow away

* Tamara & I headed to the stampede grounds after her class today
* temps up to 27C but on the grounds, feels like 30C

* getting up early...... for a Stampede party. The Buckn Breakfast.  I played it smart but it still was a long day.
* temps to 25C but with humidity feels like 30C

* relaxing, hanging out.
* temps are a little cooler - about 23C.  Feels better.
* went for a walk, stopped for a pop on a patio.

Sigh, the heat & the Stampede are almost done.  =) Lisa

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