Monday, July 9, 2012

July 1 - 7, 2012

Still on vacation this week!

* Happy Canada Day!
* Went on a mild white water raft ride with Myron, Tamara, Jon, Andrea, Warren, Zach, Parker, and Wayne
* Wayne fell in at the white water obstacle course, got rescued. Myron decided to swim and near the end Myron pushed Zach in & jumped in himself - then got picked up by another boat as ours was too far & he was too cold (4C)
* went into Canmore for Canada Day celebrations with family.

* cooked a couple of roasts for everyone & visited - drank some strawberry daiquiris.

* friends headed home
* we went up to Lake Minnewanka walked on trail to 1.5km to Stewart Canyon & back

* went into Banff for lunch plus had a COW's ice cream cone - wanted to walk around but kids were done
* ordered sushi in

* home again
* parents-in-law are off to Castlegar and will stop in on their way through to MB in a couple days

* first day of summer school for Tamara - Bio 20

* in-laws arrived again & out to supper we go

* first day of the Calgary Stampede.  100 years this year!  Walked down to the parade.

* Myron brought home a bunch of Hutterite chickens he bought.  5 chickens, each about 9 - 10 lbs for about $100.  Good deal and good chickens.  Plan on cooking one on the BBQ Sunday!

* first day of a heat wave - temps up to 29C
* went golfing (in this heat) at our club - it was the mixed Chapman's tourney and dinner after.  Good fun - slow day of golfing though but ended with a great meal.

=) Lisa

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