Monday, July 30, 2012

July 22 - 29th, 2012


This week:

* golfed with friends Patti & John
* had Jason - director of the Indy film, 'Gettin In' (some of it that was filmed in our house) plus a few other people to view the finished movie - with the music & sound effects added to the movie, it's really coming along.

* a big birthday today to Myron's friend & boss Dave Goddard - a big FIVE OH.
* went to Westpower to celebrate Dave's birthday, then went out for supper
* finished mini paperbag album

* normal Tuesday chores
* worked on blog and got a new template for it
* worked in garden

* went for a run!
* worked on PL a bit

* grocery day - also went to the farmer's market
* and then went shopping at the mall and bought these:


My old luggage was bought in 1998.  A 3 pc from Walmart.  The large suitcase I haven't been using for over a year now as I can not open the broken zipper anymore and have been using Myron's very large, heavy clunky one.  So I finally threw it out my old broken suitcase about a month ago. The medium size one still works somewhat - the handle is broken and I still can open it most times.   But with my pending travels coming up I thought a new large (yet lighter) suitcase was in order.  So I bought the new luggage at Bently's who had a buy one get the second half off sale so of course I ended up getting two.  =)

* went for a run.
* was going to work in the garden but then it started to rain.
* then the sun came out and it got really hot - too hot to work in the garden (tried though).
* then it was raining again, so decided new nail polish on my toes was needed.
* got the nail polish removed and then the sun came out and it got hot again.
* decided to sit outside and 'play' on my computer until it was time to make supper.
* earlier when it was raining, thought I'd take some pictures of ordinary life.  I decided to pick on Tamara's room as she is 17 and on the cusp of being an adult and wanted to catch her personality of her room at this age.  Though really her room hasn't changed much in the way she keeps it over the years.  It'll be interesting to see if it changes once she's living on her own:

Despite the untidiness, her room is really full of character and I love the idea of capturing this moment.

*then after picking on Tamara's room and because the rest of the house is tidy, I thought I'd capture my scrapbook desk:

after looking the pictures, I decided Tamara must come by her untidiness naturally.

* talked to the dentist office as Tamara's is supposed to have her wisdom teeth out on the 2nd and due to flying on the 7th, I was told by a friend to watch out for dry socket.  So I called the dentist office to ask.

Though the true problem turned out to be that the sockets will be packed and treated with something to help the healing and they need to be removed after 7 days and they can not stay in longer.

I was not told this when we went in.  I had told them that we were going on a trip and if they had told me that we actually needed to come back after 7 days, I would have made sure out trip was booked after that.  Sigh.

There was no way we could fit both appts in before going to Ontario because the office is closed each Friday, Saturday & Sunday and this coming weekend on the Monday due to the holiday and we fly Tuesday morning at 10am and their office doesn't open till 11am.

They suggested rescheduling but Tamara was mad and didn't want to because she wanted to get it over & done with.  I booked the appts anyways yet she says she won't go.  We'll see.

* cultivated a little veggies from the garden.  Guess what we're having for supper?

* after supper we decided to have a fire.  Myron got it going so big, he was excited about it and took this picture.  Great fire, though see the nice flower box on top?  Should have moved it as the smoke & heat killed my flowers.  =(

* Beautiful day and we went golfing with John & Patti.  Myron took this picture of me.  Didn't know he did that until he emailed his family about the beautiful weather and what we were doing.
* Stayed for supper at the club, ate with John & Patti - steak & lobster special

* on the way home, we headed to Wild Rose Brewery for one more refreshment on the patio

* decided to include Sunday into this post and run my weekly posts from Monday to Sunday as breaking up the weekend into two posts did not seem cohesive.
* another beautiful hot day
* Myron & I went golfing with Dave Mac & Walt, then came home and grilled supper on the BBQ

All in all, a good week.  =) Lisa

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