Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Dad

I can still hear him talking in my ear - telling stories and jokes.  I remember the flipping of spoons.  Wrestling on the floor.  Playing catch and having that baseball fired into my glove to make it burn.  Riding in the backhoe.  Making a mini ice rink.  Rescuing me a few times after running out of gas.  Threatening to 'chain me up & lock me in the shed' so no boys could come for me.  Calling my boyfriends he didn't like, 'Bozos'.  Giving me advise on how to do a home repair. Going for coffee.  Teasing me.  Teasing his grandkids.  Teasing anybody he could.  Cuddling his grandkids.  Spoiling the grandkids.  I like to think that I get my sense of humour from him....  I still look up to him.

I am Daddy's little girl.  Always was.  Always will be.  Happy Father's Day.  Love you Dad!  =) Lisa

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