Sunday, October 2, 2011

Outdoor Winter Container Class

About a month ago, my hubby & I went looking for a large container that we could put an evergreen tree in to help cover an ugly corner in our backyard and we ended up at a greenhouse in Black Diamond called Vale's Greenhouse.

We didn't end up buying a container from them but I did sign up for an Outdoor Winter Container Class for $5.  And I was told that if I became friends with them on FB that I could print a certificate out & get the course for free.  Of course, plants & dirt would need to be purchased.

The containers we did end up buying that I wanted to fill for winter were too large for me to transport back & forth, so I just bought the plants after I figured which ones I liked together and finished them at home.

Here's some pics:

Not bad for not actually having the containers to work with.  With luck, these plants will last till Feb/Mar.  Here's hoping!  =) Lisa

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