Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tough day

Well I guess not every day can go smoothly.  My day started off well but ended not so well.  Nothing disastrous or anything but maybe disappointing.  First off my head starting aching with what I now would say is a HUGE headache.  Then I was given a chance to make an arrangement.  I could have chosen to make a vase arrangement or one in a basket with oasis.  I thought, oasis, I used it in class, should be easier than just a vase.  (Mistake #1)  Then I cut myself.  (Me & knives - what was I thinking when I wanted to go into this business?) Then I didn't do so well on making the arrangement.  One side was a little heavy and I ended up bruising one of the lilies as I was adding flowers and the basket wasn't greened enough.  (Mistakes 2 & 3.  I really seem to have a tough time with greening.)  So anyways, that was the disappointing part.  Then I answered the phone as my boss asked me and then I struggled with helping the customer (as I wasn't sure of all to ask etc.).  So finally my boss told me to take the person's name & phone number and so she could call them back (and once she called the customer back - it all worked out.)  Fortunately my boss didn't seemed too fazed (really generous with me).  She told me that she would try to save the arrangement.  Said that it was a good time to practice when it was slow but next time with old flowers.  And she said don't worry about taking orders now - to just take contact info and she or the other designer will call the customers back.  Whew!  Very understanding boss.  So I guess in the end, it didn't end too badly.  Now if I only could get rid of this headache!!  =) Lisa

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