Saturday, March 27, 2010

My first few attempts

Well, I've been a busy bee at my new job and I got to make a couple of small arrangements in the last couple days.  Nothing too big and very simple.  I was excited and happy to do it. 
The reason why I find it so exciting even though it's just a simple arrangement is that in class we are given our flowers and our vases and given a demo of an arrangement and then we get to re-create the arrangement the instructor made with a little of our own interpretation.  In the shop, I get to pick the flowers and the vase and then decide what to do.  So it's a lot more freedom - more room to be creative - more room to screw up - yet exciting and happy when it works out. (Somewhat  =)
Being a newbie, I don't think I did too bad. I did take a couple pictures but I only had my camera phone, so they came out a little grainy.  As I didn't want to lift the hand-tie out of the container, the angle didn't do the picture any justice but you can get an idea of colour.
In doing the hand-tie, I learned that the was string to bind the hand tie easily cuts soft stems like Gerbera stems, so that I ended up breaking two stems off.

 With the two broken stems, I made a small arrangement with them so hopefully I'll make up the loss of the broken flowers with selling the smaller arrangement.

Then today, I made a hand-tie with just tulips.  Simple but I was pleased as I was able to bind the tulips using wax paper tape and I succeeded in binding the tulips without breaking any stems!  Yeah!

The last picture is not of flowers but the last scrapbook page I completed.  It was Colt's (where Myron worked) Family BBQ. The kids had a lot of fun that day.  We did too.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of this beautiful weekend.  =) Lisa


  1. Congrats! Newbie? Your arrangements look like a pro. Sounds like you have found a terrific job that includes your passion. So happy for you.
    Jer's Lisa

  2. Aww, thx Lisa! I'm having a lot of fun!