Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Ups and Downs of December

My parents being able to visit us in early December was one of the highs. But seeing how ill my Dad was a low.


Though our visit was shortened, I was grateful to have that time with them. Especially with my Dad, as his health took a turn for the worse and he passed away a few days after returning to Ontario. (passed 13 Dec 09)


Then I got to meet my nephews, Pat Rowan and Ayden Lafreniere, both were highlights despite the tough times we were going through.

(born 23 Dec 09)

Then finally got to enjoy a little Christmas cheer with family, both in St. Catharines. (Thanks to Jackie & John.) And then in Crystal City with the Hildebrand clan. (A big thanks to them as well.)
Being surrounded by family is a wonderful thing.


The next pic is the scrapbook page that framed for my brother & sister-in-law for Christmas.

Finally, a New Year. Hope this year brings Peace, Happiness and Good Health to everyone. =) Lisa

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