Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forgot to post a LO

I was rereading my blog and I realized that I forgot to post a LO.  It was a quick LO about Tamara wearing the same t-shirt in the last few LOs that I created.  I tried to stamp and heat emboss the butterflies across the page - though the picture doesn't do it justice.  Made a couple of mistakes that are now embellished.  So the page didn't come out quite how I wanted it.  But that's okay - it's all about learning & having fun.

I also am working on making a photo collage of family photos.  Decided I wanted some cohesion by having them all framed in brown frames to match our decor.  So I've been shopping around.  I wanted to replace a couple of older frames and I have searched and searched but have been unable to find frames that fit unless I want to spend over $100 getting them custom framed.  Then an idea hit me.  Why not paint the frames?  So I did.  Now I'm in the process of laying them out and trying to figure the spacing on the wall.  These next pics are where I'm almost certain of the order of the photos and the template for the wall:

A couple of days ago, three of us friends went for pedicures in anticipation of our upcoming trip to Mexico:

Here's to warm weather, whether it's here or some other place in the world.  =) Lisa

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