Monday, October 15, 2012

Oct 9 - 14th, 2012

Myron felt well enough to go back to work this week.  That was good.  On Wednesday the temperature dropped and it snowed in the evening.  Friday I made oatmeal zucchini cookies.  (diabetic friendly)  I took Tamara's grandma's recipe and a recipe from my diabetic cookbook and combined them to make the cookies.  Tamara thinks they look like dog poo, but they really taste great.

On Saturday Myron & I ran to the garden centre.  I was looking for burlap so I can wrap our cedar trees plus I wanted to get some compost to help mend the soil in the vegetable garden.

Sunday I went golfing and Myron was going to just walk around.  I received an e-mail invite from  Shaw cable to attend a Shaw event for afternoon football because I purchased the NFL ticket for Myron.  This is what he got invited to:

He went with our friend Wayne, and won this:
As I mentioned, I went golfing, enjoyed scenery like this:

I started off wearing a bunch of layers and ended up dressing down to a t-shirt.  The weather was beautiful.  When I got home about 5pm, it was plus 17:
My neighbour Liz gave us wood and I was going to help her pile it up but she did it before I got home:
Beautiful weekend and things are starting to get back to normal again.  =) Lisa

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