Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 22-28, 2012


Summing up this week:   SNOW!

Tuesday, Tamara wanted me to drive her to school as she had to go early for a field trip.  The problem is that I made an appointment to get my snow tires on but not till the beginning of November and it snowed (On the 23rd of October!) a half foot after it rained so that turned to ice underneath the snow.

Well I got to her school okay but I knew getting back to the house would be a problem as our house sits on the side of a bowl.  It doesn't matter what direction I go in, I eventually have to climb a hill to get home.

I thought that if I drove on a street that was more travelled that I would have a chance on making it home.  I took a street that is a bus route so the sanders/plowers usually take care of those roads.  I couldn't make it all the way & over the hill on Bus Route Street.  So I tried to come around from the 'bottom' of my street.  I made it to about half a car length from the end of my driveway and I got stuck.  I thought if I reversed and got a little run I might make it into my driveway.  I slid a little sideways and I was even further from the driveway.  Tried it again.  Same result.  So I reversed down my street and saw an empty parking spot and thought the pavement might be a bit drier that I could get a run at it.  Nope.  And my car insisted on sliding towards the car that was parked behind me.  So I decided to park & give up on it for awhile.

Then a couple of hours later, the car that I parked in front of moved which meant I could back out down the hill. I made it all the way around to a Bus Route Avenue (sliding all the way) to the street above my house, down my avenue to the drive way, but managed to slide past it.  I could not reverse and go back as I would just slide.  So I continued down the road, turned left to head to the Bus Route Avenue only to get stuck, sliding into the sidewalk at that little intersection before it.  Again! Really stuck! Then I had three guys plus myself push my car sideways so that I could go back down the hill (an avenue between mine & the bus route avenue and I turn right on a couple of streets down, pick up speed and make it up to the avenue behind my avenue.  Can not drive up it.  Spinning out.  I'm thinking, how the H E double hockey sticks do I get up the hill high enough that I can approach my driveway?  Gotta try Bus Route Avenue again.  Turn around on the street that I was on and I took a little run and made it to the Bus Route Ave.  (YEAH!) - still spinning my wheels every foot. Finally made it to the street above ours again. This time approached the driveway extremely slow and MADE IT!!!  Whew!!

 What an adventure!

We went to Yuk Yuk's on Thursday.  A fundraiser for one of Myron's co-workers.

On Sunday it was a Workshop Weekend with the Youth Singers.

I'll be so glad when next Friday comes and my snow tires get put on my car!  =) Lisa

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