Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October 29 - Nov 4th, 2012

What happened this week?

On Monday we were recovering from a workshop weekend.  Since it was close to Halloween, the kids dressed up.  Tamara was Daphne from Scooby Doo.  She borrowed my sweater, wore one of her tops as a skirt and borrowed a scarf from a friend:

Monday evening I helped Myron remove a sticker that was placed on his boss' reserved parking sign that he placed there from the movie 'Gettin' In.' He thought I was smart in getting it removed and had to send a picture to his boss:

Hmmm.....  on Tuesday I drove Tamara to school for an early morning test (7:30am) and had a talk with her over an issue.  As per our usual teenage daughter/Mom talks it ended up being frustrating as she tries to break free of any parental ties and I try to keep them there, at least loosely.  After I got home, I sent an e-mail to Myron explaining that I wasn't stressed or upset that I just wanted him to know what had happened and he expressed to me to, 'Keep calm & carry on!'  Which I thought was kinda of funny because the 'keep calm & .....' expressions were hitting the scrapbooking industry and he never even knew it!  :-)

I bought a pumpkin for Tamara to carve and she carved a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows symbol.

Then I looked at the pumpkin we grew in our garden an realized it had turned orange & thought why don't I carve that too?

Halloween night was really cold.  We don't get many kids, perhaps 12 - 15.  This year we got 3.  Disappointing.

A couple more snapshots of our Halloween decorations:

Tamara did not go trick or treating this year.  She went over to a friends house & watched a Halloween movie instead.  I guess she's growing up.

I was remembering a story from my childhood.  I believe it was my brother's first Halloween and he must have been 2 (maybe 3) years old. It is also the first Halloween that I remember. I was about 5 (or 6). I believe I was a princess (of course the mask was of a princess with blonde hair!). I don't remember what my brother was. My Mom took us trick or treating and my Dad stayed home to hand out candy. Mom started us out by giving us a treat from our house and when we were done trick or treating, suggested that we ring the bell on our house and trick Dad into giving us another treat. It almost worked except my brother had a very distinctive laugh at that age and he couldn't hold back, he laughed and it gave us away!!

I put that story on facebook and Cindy told me how when trick or treating, my nephew Ayden kept asking if this house or that house was where Tamara & Auntie Lisa were.  Must have been his first time trick or treating.  Cindy tried to explain that we lived out west but at 2 1/2, I don't think he quite gets it.  Cindy sent a picture of him, he was a little scarecrow:

My Mom was moving on the 1st to her new place - a 3 bedroom townhouse.  I was excited for her and thought that this year would be a great year to go see her for Christmas and she would now have the room for us.

On Friday I had a big discussion with Myron on where to go for Christmas.  I wanted to go to Ontario because it had been awhile since we had gone plus my Mom now had room for us.  Myron also suggested that we ask David to join us.  On Sunday when I was looking at flights for the four of us, I couldn't believe the price.  Flights to either Hamilton or Toronto and comparing Westjet & Air Canada ran from about $4000 to $4800.  We'd also probably would rent a car for the week and that would add to the expense.  I couldn't believe it.  

Just out of curiosity, I checked to see the cost with both airlines for the end of January & again in April for the four of us (times David & Tamara may be off school).  The cost was almost half of what it would be at Christmas.

We also looked at flights for us to go to Manitoba.  They was about $400 higher than we paid in the summer but we would be booking 4 people not just 3.

So Myron, the good husband that he is, asked me what I wanted to do.  I knew that if I had wanted to go to Ontario that we would book it.  We would manage the cost but I just couldn't justify the expense.  We've had a bunch of expenses lately, brakes for my car, tires for Myron, high dental bill, glasses for Tamara, etc. etc.  We really can not afford it, at least not at that cost. 

So I decided that we would go to Manitoba for Christmas and then we'd look at going to Ontario in the new year.  Not ideal as I do not know if David or Myron would be able to go then, but Tamara & I should.  Myron said that we would book going to Ontario next year for Christmas but we would look at flights in May so hopefully the cost wouldn't be too high.

So I was happy but sad.  Happy that David will be with us this year but sad that we are not going to Ontario.

Haven't told my Mom yet but as she just moved and it was late & not sure which schedule she is on at work, will call & tell her on the weekend.

Well when I started this post, I didn't think I had much to share.  Surprised myself!  =) Lisa

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