Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aug 20 - 26, 2012


* went to take Tamara to the dentist to have her wisdom teeth removed.  Apparently we should have had a consult with the dentist after the orthodontist's recommendation.  Our dentist told us that Tamara's teeth are too impacted for him to do it - that if we wanted it done we'd have to see a specialist.  That he felt we could wait six month to a year.  Since our orthodontist was worried that if we didn't get the braces out right away, when they did come out, we would be back at square one with crooked teeth.  I was confused as to what to do. 


* Decided my best course of action in regard to Tamara's wisdom teeth would be to call the orthodontist office to see how critical it actually is to have her wisdom teeth pulled.  Once the orthodontist talked to our family dentist the office called us back and advised us that both of them have agreed that Tamara could wait 6 months to a year before having her wisdom teeth pulled.  That they trust our dentist's recommendations of when the teeth should be pulled.


* went to the mall to buy school clothes for Tamara
* went to Union Station with Myron as Dave Mac's Mom was visiting him from Ontario and he wanted to introduce his friends.
* decided after watching the hunger games movie on the plane coming home from Ontario that I wanted to read the series and have borrowed the books from Tamara.  I'm already halfway through book 2 and have a hard time putting it down.
* went for a run.  Haven't ran since I was in Ontario.
* David came over as after he told me that he signed up for more classes in the fall, I told hime that I would buy the scientific calculator he would need for his class.  Also had to get groceries so stopped at the store on the way back to the house.  And what did my son do?  Without asking, without even seeming to think about it, he helped me bring my groceries into the house.  How did I raise such a gentleman?
* brrrr  - it started pouring about 4:30am this am.  Myron was up & out early, off to a golf tournament.  Rain stopped at about 10:30am and it's only plus 8C out.
* worked on project life.  Going to bed, I couldn't sleep as my mind was caught up in ideas for my next few pages of project life.  Then my mind kept going over the last few days of my Dad's life and I realized how tough it's going to be for me to do these pages.  I did not have a good night's sleep
* went golfing today with Myron.  It was a slow go as we followed a tournament so we only ended up doing 9 holes.  Then we had supper on the patio at the club:

* oh goody, a frost warning for the night.  :(  Alberta nights.

* I have finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy.  Good books.  Though the stories are well written, they are intense, violent, dark and ends in irony.
* Myron harvested some veggies from our garden.

* Myron & I have decided to cancel our tee time today as we figure that if we are following the tournament like yesterday, the pace will be very slow and not much fun.  Went for a long bike ride instead.  For anyone who knows Calgary, we rode from our house near Marda Loop to Edworthy Park, then to Eau Clair & Prince's Island park, then back home.
* At Eau Claire we stopped to say 'hi' to David at work.

* Then we went over to Prince's Island park.  They were having a Latino Festival.  Unfortunately you had to pay for admission to go but this young women was demonstrating outside of the gates.

* When we came home, I decided to take a couple pictures of our apple tree.  It's just a little tree but has alot of apples.  A bunch of the branches are drooping from the weight of the apples.

Enjoy!  =) Lisa

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