Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aug 6 - 12th, 2012

This week:

* Tamara & I flew to Hamilton & then I picked up a rental car & drove to Niagara Falls, ON, to my Mom's apartment.

* Hung out with my Mom.  My brother & his fiance & their little guy came over for a visit.  He's such a cutie!  Cindy's due their second child on the 12th!  We may be lucky and will be able to welcome a little one before we head back to Calgary!

(Ayden crying because I was going to take his picture.)

*went for a run today, in the rain.  It may sound not so nice but it really was - warm temperatures, lots of humidity and the rain was gentle & warm.  Really nice to run in.
* Went for ice cream after supper - I ate a good diabetic supper and only had a kiddie cone,  maple walnut though - my fav!

The place we went to is called Avondale - my parents took us kids there for a treat - still has the same swing sets and everything!  Ahh! Sweet memories!

Here I am holding my Mom's cone - her fav, vanilla!

The Avondale Ice Cream store:

* Then went to visit my cousins - Jackie, John & Raeanne.  Fun visit.

* Mom, Tamara & I joined Jackie, John & Raeanne at Safari Niagara to see Collective Soul in concert:

* went or a run today, a little cooler
* went to bingo with Mom.  She won $50.

*Jackie came over for a visit
*Karl and Ayden came for supper.  Cindy would have come but she wasn't feeling well.

The vacation has been a lot of fun.  Missed my husband but regular evening calls helped with that!  =) Lisa

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