Saturday, August 11, 2012

July 30th - Aug 6th, 2012

This week:

* typical lazy summer day - did not do much.

*just normal chores & weeding the garden - which took forever it seemed.

*went to see a YSC musical production called Fame with Tamara.  Her friends Kelsey & Paloma were in it.

And a review:

Calgary Musicals

*it's cold and rainy today - plus 12C
*moped around then went got groceries, then worked on PL

*went to visit David at work as he's been busy with school & work and had a coffee with him
*going out with friends to dinner, a place called the Gypsy Bistro Wine Bar:

Jen C & Jen B's dessert:

My dessert:

The Jens:

Warren & Wayne (and their dessert):

Myron's dessert:

The gang:

Myron & I (of course):

* went golfing in the afternoon with Warren, Zach & Myron.  Zach is only 11 and hasn't touched a golf club since lst summer & only once at that.  So we played a scramble golf - I think Myron called it a Texas Scramble.  Had fun.

We also saw the baby eagles, practicing flying:

* went rafting with Myron & Tamara.

Some guy on a homemade wake board.  He ties it off to a tree and can wakeboard on the river:

Shot of us approaching downtown Calgary:

Great day.  Myron & I went out for supper later.

* is a holiday, so I included it here.  Though not much happening.  Myron didn't work today.  Since we had a bit of a tough couple of days, we took it easy.  Had our breakfast and lunch outside.  Then we went for a long walk - forgot that I wanted to go to the heritage festival at Prince's Island park - stopped at The Trop, had a drink & a snack, then home to make supper, watch a movie and pack for our trip the next day.

Tuesday we fly to Ontario!  =) Lisa

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