Thursday, September 6, 2012

Aug 27 - Sep 2, 2012

I have a lot of pictures posted in this post.

Worked on a bunch of PL pages, took pictures of them and posted them to the blog.

Myron was at a board meeting so I had to make supper only for Tamara & myself.  I tried to tempt him with this picture:

And I'm trying to figure out what kind of bird this is at our bird feeder:

I think it may be a woodpecker of some type.  I also took a picture of my one pumpkin plant that is growing wild:

Tamara & I went to her HS and registered her for grade 12.  Tamara has a full schedule this year and is adding to it as she needs religion - that she will be doing on-line and she's going to take choir - before & after school.

The 3 of us flew to Manitoba to enjoy the last week of summer with Myron's family.  Shot of inside Calgary's WJ terminal.

Found out that Myron's Grandma was back in the hospital after a short visit a month ago.

Arrived in Winnipeg and we planned to stay with Jon & Andrea (my brother-in-law & sister-in-law) and their kids overnight before heading out to Crystal City.  Went to Montana's for supper:

Walked to Assiniboine Park with my sister-in-law.  While at the park, Andrea showed us part 1 of her present that Jon & boys got her for her birthday. (Her birthday is Thursday (Aug 30) and it's her 40th.  She shares it with our father-in-law (Art) who's turned 69.)  She doesn't know what part 2 is yet, here's a picture of part 1:

 And Tamara & Aaron posed on this chair that's just outside of the children's nature playground:

On the way to Crystal City we stopped to visit Grandma Dorothy at the Boundary Trail hospital.  Her stomach was quite distended and she was uncomfortable.  Found out that she has a blockage and they were going to try and do a colonoscopy the next day.

Hung out at Jer & Lisa's farm (my other brother-in-law & sister-in-law).  Harvest is nearly done except for the canola and Art & Jer are working busily to get everything done.

Myron & I went to visit them in the field and rode in the combine a few rounds:

Found out that they were unable to give Myron's Grandma a colonoscopy & had scheduled her for surgery the next day as doctors feared if they didn't remove the mass that Grandma Dorothy wouldn't survive 3 days.

Grandma Dorothy went in for surgery and came through great.  The only thing the doctors could do was to clean out any waste and attach a colostomy.  They said the tumour was too large and had spread to outside of the intestines & was affecting the kidneys too.  That the best they could do was to keep her comfortable.  The hospital said that she could remain in the hospital for up to 3 months on palliative care.

Hung out at the farm, made bead bracelets/anklets:

Had supper and sat around a fire.  It was a BLUE moon tonight.

Went to visit Grandma Dorothy in the hospital.  Saw this as we were leaving the hospital:

Then we headed out for supper at the Winkler Golf Course.  After supper Marge realized she left her purse at the hospital so we went back to get it.  Myron & I ran in and got to visit with Grandma Dorothy for a few more minutes.  She held my hand and had a nice firm grip.  She was smiling and looked comfortable.  It was nice to see.

Rocket Day!  And birthday celebrations for my Art, Jer and Andrea.  Sunday was Jer's birthday.

We weren't sure if we were going to be able to set off the rockets because it was raining but about 3:30 - 4:00pm it stopped and the sun came out and we were able to set the rockets off.  One of the rockets needed rescuing from a tree.  And some of us played touch football.

Most of the family left before supper and the rest that remained had dinner then sat around the bonfire.  When it got dark enough, we enjoyed a few chinese lanterns and fireworks.

And Ron & Jill's (my cousin-in-laws) son, Carter gave us a reading of a Dr. Seuss story up on Jer & Lisa's deck wearing Jer's headlamp.  It was cute & funny and well delivered - all rolled into one!

It was a long but great day!

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!  =) Lisa

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