Monday, September 17, 2012

Sep 10 - 16th, 2012

Weekly wrap up.....

Flew back from Manitoba.  Tamara went to school.  Myron stayed home.  We both napped at various times (I was coming down with a cold).  The wind became really gusty in the afternoon and I noticed that a few of our apples were knocked out of the tree by the wind.  Since it was so fierce and afraid that it would knock all the apples out of the tree, I decided to pick the apples before they fell.

Our harvest:

It's not a huge amount but since we only had about 5 or 6 apples last year we have tripled our produce this year.  Yay to having such a warm summer.  Now to figure out what to do with the apples.

Received some pictures of us from the day of Grandma Dorothy's funeral:

Tamara had a post secondary information night.  I had my first night of Second Chants.

Decided to tackle one of the jobs I wanted to get done this fall - reorganizing the basement.  Partly to make room for an elliptical machine I hope to get and the other to make better use of space for when I scrapbook.

Tamara had Youth Singers this evening.

I worked my last (and I hope forever) bingo this year.  Good news is that Tamara has a PD day tomorrow (already!) and I do not have to set an alarm for the morning.

Slept in.  Both Tamara & I had a hair appointment.  I told Leah, my hairdresser that I needed a bit of a pick me up - that she could 'go for it'  but I had to be able to put it into a pony tail still.  So it has been cut up to my shoulders - about 3 to 4 inches taken off the back and the bangs more straight across the forehead instead of side swept.  Love the results.  Hope I can achieve it on my own.

Went to join Myron at Inglewood for supper after his RATS golf tournament and saw this Mama deer and her babies on the road leading to the club.

Didn't do much.  Tried to do too much with my hair didn't like it.  I always seem to style it the same old, same old and do not know how to do different and when I do - do not like the results.  Sigh.

Finished straightening the basement out.  :)

Hung out at home.  Made a nice hamburger soup for lunch.  Went to talk to Tamara about university and her plans for after grade 12.

And that was our week.  =) Lisa

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