Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sep 17 - 23, 2012

This week was about catching up on spring cleaning which is now fall cleaning.  Also blood work and a doctor appointment and a trip to Costco.

My fall cleaning involved just window & wall washing.  (boring!! but it takes so much time!)

On Wednesday, Tamara & I went to this movie:

We received the tickets courtesy of the Youth Singers of Calgary.  It was a fun night.

On Thursday, I mad a trip to Costco - mostly to buy bags of raw almonds - it's so inexpensive there!  Lately Myron has been teasing me about hiding some of the nuts etc. I had in the cupboard so I emailed him a picture of the stuff I bought just to tease hime back:

Friday was my doctor appointment and she said that she was pleased with my hemoglobin A1C results (6.7%) and felt I was managing well and was keeping me on the same dosage of Metformin.  I mentioned that my fasting isn't below 6 and she said that it was okay & manageable.  And my next blood test wouldn't have to be till April unless I was feeling ill.  Yay!

Sunday I took a Floral Design class at Mount Royal called Outdoor Fall Container and I made this:

The weather this week was beautiful.  Happy September!  =) Lisa

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