Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dec 17 - 23th, 2012

Well, I'm a little behind but not too far that I can not catch up easily.

The biggest news this week is that there wasn't any 'Big Bang' on the 21st as per the Mayan calendar.  Now people are stating that the Mayan calendar was just an indication of an end of an era and we are beginning a new era.  I like that.  I like to think that everyday we are beginning again.

Tamara finished school at noon on the 21st for the start of her school holidays.  Friday night, she went to a friend's house for a potluck dinner Christmas party and Myron & I headed over to the Bridges for a little get together.

Saturday we headed up to Edmonton to have a mini Christmas with my Aunt, Uncle & Grandma.

Saturday was also my nephew, Ayden's (my brother's boy) birthday and my brother sent me some pictures.  Pat came down and celebrated with them.

Sunday we headed back to Calgary and got ready to head out to Manitoba for the holidays.
=) Lisa

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