Monday, December 10, 2012

Dec 3-9th, 2012

Weekly journal time!

Decided I couldn't wait any longer and have pulled out the Christmas boxes and wanted to start decorating though I had a busy week ahead and I wanted to save some of the tree trimming for Tamara.

Monday night, Second Chants did a two song performance for Carolfest held at Knox United Church.

Plus there's a little video of our second song.  I was the 9th day - unfortunately, you can not see me from the video angle but it's still a cute video.  (I think, anyways.)

Tuesday night Second Chants had a Christmas potluck over at one of the member's house.  (Thanks Alicia!) Good food, good times.

Thursday besides being my bowling league day with the 'Lady Golfers' was my running around errand day.  Trying to decide what to cook for supper on the weekend because my in-laws were coming back to visit for the weekend, I knew I had some shopping for groceries to do.  Then I received an e-mail from Myron & he told me that the Hutterite farmer came to the shop selling his chickens and Myron decided to pick up two chickens and two saskatoon berry pies.

A blurb from Myron's email:
"The Hutterites stopped by our shop this morning. I scored two smoked chickens and two Saskatoon Berry pies. They wouldn’t let me take their pictures – the old gal giggled, and I think she would have let me, but she said it was against her religion, then Ben came out and stopped me, wouldn’t even let me take a picture of his van. But here’s a picture of the most important evidence – the chicken and pies!'

I stopped by to visit David at work and invited him over for dinner on Saturday, so we decided we'd cook this food that night.

 Myron had the urge to make a fire.  We watched in from inside the house, since outside was -22 without the windchill calculated in.
Woke up at 3:30am early Sunday morning to several snowploughs going down our street.  So got up to use the washroom & then grab a drink of water when I discovered we had no water.

When we got up in the morning, Myron had called the city and found out that there was a water main break in our area.  Two more calls throughout the morning discovered that there was a huge main break   - the intersection of Crowchild Tr SW & 33rd Ave SW - blocks from us and another at 19 St SW & 28 Ave SW.

Well!  That's our street.  Long & the short of it is that they are two separate incidences.  The break is right in front of our house & it is causes about 40 houses to be without water.  CBC news came by and did an interview with us.  And we finally got some fresh water trucks on our street to help us out.  Meanwhile, Myron & I are showering at the gym (Tamara went to her friend's).  My in-laws decided to head home in the afternoon instead of waiting till the next morning.  And we went out to eat.  As long as the repair doesn't take too long, we should be able to manage.

Here's the video from the CBC news clip.  (The 5 minute interview was edited down to a 30 second take. You can see Myron in at about 3:24 minutes.)

Later Sunday night we found out the repair to the main break in front of our house was to begin in the morning.  =) Lisa

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